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Ungloryhole has a new twist on the old "tricked straight boy" theme. Each week they find a new guy, take him to a sex store with a video arcade, and tell him they have a cock-hungry babe waiting on the other side of one of the booths. Sometimes an actual chick will flirt with the guys or talk to them a little through the hole. What they don't know is that she's bait, and there's a guy with her who can't wait to wrap his lips around the straight pole that pushes its way through the gloryhole. It's done reality-style, so we get to see the entire set-up.

Unlike most tricked str8 guy sites, this is one where the guys never know that a dude just sucked them off. Seeing the adult bookstore makes it clear that these gloryholes are in actual video booths, and you can see the videos playing in the booths so unlike some gloryhole sites, these scenes are obviously not shot in those crappy plywood walls set up in someone's living room. The split screen during the action is interesting as it lets you watch the sucker and the suckee simultaneously, letting us see how much the cock suckers are enjoying sucking those dicks and also how much the straight guys are enjoying the blowjobs. And in some of the latest episodes, some of the str8 guys end up fucking the dick suckers.

Ungloryhole offers 106 exclusive videos, and while the site no longer updates, at least they made sure there were over 100 videos before they stopped producing content. The videos are available in MP4 format at 1280x720, and they look good; there are also smaller sizes for people on slower connections or using mobiles. The newer videos are also available as WMVs that are sized at a still-decent 864x480 at almost the same quality as the MP4s. All the vids are downloadable as full scenes, there are pretty nice streaming versions, and there are also MP4 clips that can be downloaded or streamed.

Each episode also comes with a set of pics. These are screencaps shown at 720x406 (older) or 1280x720 (newer), and they're pretty good quality for screencaps, too. On the other hand, they're inevitably repetitious since after the setup, we're looking at two sides of a blowjob where the guys don't really move much. Still, for those who love pics, they can be fun, and if you want to get a quick preview of each video, the pics are a good way to do it. If you find a set you like, you can download it as a zip file.

This site did have some issues worth mentioning. First is that there's a pre-checked offer on the join page you might want to read before you hit the button to join. Second, there is a 500 Mb download limit per 24 hour period, as listed in the site terms. Please note that the site says it "may" be enforced, and I've watched more than 500 Mb worth of videos, so it may or may not be used. Next, although it wasn't listed in the terms, this site may have limited trials, and trials recur at $20 more than the cost of a recurring monthly membership. Two of what seem to be bonus sites are actually not included, and are upsells. And that leads me to the upsell on the login page, which you may want to untick before entering the site.

I like Ungloryhole's premise of luring the straight guys in with promises of gloryhole blowjobs from hot chicks, then doing a switch after the bait babe flirts with the guys through the gloryholes, then steps aside so a gay guy can suck the cock. I liked the set-up and the action, and the split screen showing both the guy doing the sucking and the str8 guy getting sucked was interesting. The site now offers 106 episodes with both downloadable and streaming videos as well as photo sets, although I am disappointed to note that there have been no updates since 2012. For those who like watching straight boys tricked into gay blowjobs, the action here rocks. And full members get a nice selection of bonus sites, too. I only wish the site were still updating, because whether you're a fan of straight guy or gloryhole sites, Ungloryhole delivers the goods.

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