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Uncut BF Videos is a new site from 429 Videos, and this site puts the focus on foreskin. In case you're not aware, the BF in a site's name stands for "boyfriend", and usually signals amateur or user-submitted content. The site's tour does claim to have real amateur BF pics and videos with daily network updates and no download or streaming limits. It all sounds pretty good so let's get inside and see what's happening.

There are all kinds of guys on Uncut BF Videos from smooth twenty-somethings and twinks to hairy men and muscle guys. The focus is on uncut cocks rather than a particular type of guy, so as long as you love foreskin you'll be fine, but you also have access to 24 other sites featuring Emos, bears, daddies, black guys, Asians and Latinos, twinks, as well as lots of jocks and straight guys. You really will find just about every type of guy here.

"Lucky twink getting a great blowjob" is filmed over the shoulder of a smooth guy wearing a toque and t-shirt. Is he a twink? We never get a full view of him, although he has a smooth belly. He jerks his sizeable cock for a minute, then a bearded buddy kneels between his legs and blows him. In "Muscled jock flexing and wanking on camera" a scruffy-faced guy is wearing a backwards baseball and muscle tee, and it looks like he's doing a cam show. He strips and shows off his well-built body and large cock. He flexes, poses and jerks before finally sitting back and blowing his load for us.

In "Hairy dude jacking off his uncut cock" a bearded guy with a sleeve of tattoos pulls his uncut cock through the fly of his boxers and jerks off. Later he holds a plate of Twinkies - yes, those cream filled cock-shaped cakes - and smashes his cock into them until the cream filling squirts out. He jerks off and cums all over the cakes while the guy holding the camera says "Oh yeah." These three scenes are pretty typical of the action you can expect on Uncut BF Videos. They're mostly jack-off scenes with some oral sessions, and while there is some fucking, it's few and far between.

There are 129 videos tagged to Uncut BF Videos and these are offered in MP4 format and can be downloaded or streamed. I downloaded six different videos and found they came in as many different sizes ranging from 300x238 to 720x480. And given the inconsistency, I'd expect other sizes if I were you. Many of the videos are amateur videos, so you can expect all kinds of sound and lighting issues with stationary and jostling cameras. You can stream the videos on the site and they play at 640x360. There's a full-screen option, but mostly these amateur vids don't hold up well.

There are no pictures galleries on Uncut BF Videos yet, but there are 2,000 picture sets on the other network sites, so perhaps UBV will eventually get some galleries, too. The pictures come in a variety of sizes and quality and you can view them in thumbnail galleries with forward and backward controls, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can save the pictures individually or download zip files from each gallery.

When you log in you arrive inside the 429 Members Network homepage, so you won't immediately see any content from Uncut BF Videos. You have to look through the site list on the sidebar, and since Uncut BF Videos isn't there, you'll need to click More to find it. There are 23 sites in the 429 Members Network (they also list the network as a site, but it doesn't have its own content), and you get access to them all and their 6,922 videos. Another problem here is that none of the videos on the members homepage are really labeled, so it's hard to tell which of the 23 sites they're from.

The videos are dated (Uncut BF Videos has been adding new updates between one and nine days apart) within each site's section, and you can arrange them to display according to most recent, top rate, most viewed or longest. Curiously you can't sort the videos by date on the general network page, so I can't easily confirm that the network is updating daily like they claim. As well, not all the videos are amateur productions and a good number are taken from DVDs.

And there are some issues you may want to know about. First are the two pre-checked offers on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for two additional recurring site memberships when you join Uncut BF Videos. While the site's terms don't mention whether trial members get limited access, it's likely; I wouldn't expect access to everything if buying a trial. Also, be aware that while paying a buck for the trial is inexpensive, it recurs at $12 more per month than the cost of the recurring monthly membership.

This network is heavy on the ads. You'll find some ads disguised to look like content, and if you pause the video you're watching, an animated ad pops up over the player. And there are traditional ads, too. It's not too bad once you figure out the lay of the land and can ignore the ads, though. There's also a fairly intrusive watermark on the videos that says "as seen on 429members.com", and it's not always tucked neatly in the corner so it does get in the way of the action.

Finally, and probably the most important point, most of the videos appearing on the tour are great window dressing encouraging you to join. There were a couple of hot, hairy men that I was anxious to see, but as much as I dug around in the member area, I couldn't find them. So don't be surprised if you can't find all (or perhaps any) of the tour content inside the member area, but with 6,922 network videos, it's impossible to tell.

While Uncut BF Videos has a decent collection of videos with guys sporting foreskin, the real draw here is the network of 23 sites and almost 7,000 videos, 129 of which are specific to Uncut BF Videos, and the site is adding updates irregularly but averaging a little better than once a week plus the network is updating five to nine times per week. Most of the vids do appear to be amateur sessions, but you will find some DVD content here, as well. My advice is to have no expectations about video quality or even the guys you see on the tour, but if you keep an open mind there's a lot of see and enjoy in this network.

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