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USA Cam Guys isn't exactly a porn site - it's a web-channel about a cam house, its inhabitants and their friends, that went live about a week ago. Think of it as a mix of Big Brother and Jersey Shore, but with hot and muscular guys and regular webcam shows. The owner of the site is Landon, who you might know as Leo from Fratpad. The permanent residents of the house are Landon himself and two of his friends, who also happen to be ex-Fratpad models; Joe (formerly called Dmitry) and Barret (known as Bennie). Beside these three men, there are five more guys who are regular visitors of the house. One of them is Corey, who used to work for Corbin Fisher (as Dalton) and Fratmen (as Taj).

The guys here are all in their twenties, are very well built, and from what I have seen, most are pretty hung, too. The majority of the performers are straight, so don't expect any hardcore action to happen between them. Actually, there isn't even a lot of nudity, as the guys are dressed most of the time. They do show off their bare chests or drop their pants to show their asses live on camera.

Let's have a closer look at what this site has to offer. You can switch between six different live cameras which are constantly broadcasting. Five of the cams have been placed inside the living room and the kitchen, and the other camera is a portable one, which the guys can take with them in the shower, to the pool, or even on a trip.

At times when there is nothing going on, you can watch the TV Channel, which is where you'll find pre-recorded videos from earlier live shows. At this time there are 23 recorded updates in the archive of which two are shower scenes. In the rest of the scenes the guys are partly or fully clothed. The updates are irregular, but so far the site seems to update with a couple of new videos every other day.

Only four of the videos are available for download, the rest are streaming only. The videos are good amateur quality MP4s that play in a Flash-based video player at a size of 730x410 by default, but you can easily enlarge them to play in full-screen mode. The downloadable videos are available in two different sizes, both in MP4 format with the larger size offered in HD at 1280x720.

There are also live cam shows, but there is no clear schedule and when we asked them about it, they said they are working on one. There is an announcement about the next live show at the top of the pages though, so you know when to log in and enjoy the next show. The upcoming show is listed as a jack-off show from Joe, which would actually be the first jerk-off show on the site.

At the time of this review there is just one photo set, which contains five photos. I believe these have been used as press photos when the site launched. The pics show at 1000x666 and are good amateur quality. There's a hands-free slideshow and pictures can be saved individually.

Besides the camera streams, the live cam shows, the videos in the archive and the one photo set, USA Cam Guys doesn't offer any extras. There is a live chat window next to the default video player, which you can use to chat with the guys when they are doing a show and of course you can chat with other members of the site when none of the guys are around. There is also a page that shows you the cast, including some basic stats and an overview of the videos which the guys appear in. I was hoping to read a bit more about the performers and get to know them. For a site like this, I think personality is the key to success, but at the moment the site misses the personality I was looking for.

Since the site has been launched very recently, the biggest issue here is that the site is small. It needs time to grow, more personality, and a clear update schedule. I am also wondering if there is a big enough market for this type of soft-core voyeurism and if the lives of these guys are really interesting enough. There is not much nudity or action going on, and while the guys are hot and the videos are funny and entertaining from time to time, I believe that some free You Tube channels offer the same kind of entertainment. Time will tell if there is enough interest to keep this site going.

USA Cam Guys follows a group of hot and mostly straight friends in and around a cam-filled house. There are six cameras inside the house that are constantly filming and broadcasting, plus scheduled live shows and archived videos. The site does not sell sex, but rather sells an experience and the chance to follow the lives of a bunch of hot guys. In my opinion, a site like USA Cam Guys should focus on the personalities of the cast, which is not the case at this point. I can't say that USA Cam Guys got me terribly excited, but I think the site has potential, and I do hope that they will add lots more info about the models (and maybe they can blog), some more bare chests and nudity, which could make this site more interesting.

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