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I haven't seen porn performer Ty Roderick around very much lately in Pornland studio productions, so it was good news to hear that he has launched a JustFor.Fans feed that's quite active. At the height of his popularity, Roderick appeared almost weekly in porn for a number of years. He was a regular at Icon Male where he filmed 20 scenes, and he's also filmed for studios like Raging Stallion, MEN.com, Cocky Boys and Cocksure Men. These days, he describes himself as "Master dicksmith, photographer, film maker, writer/poet", and his JFF feed has been quite busy, so let's get started.

Ty Roderick is a good-looking guy who often wears facial hair. He's got a ripped body and it's furry when he leaves it alone or smooth when he does a little manscaping. In 2012, he was reported to be 25 years old, so that'd put him into his early thirties. And most of his online porn-site profiles peg his cock at nine inches and cut. Some sites say he's a top, others list him as versatile, and he's said in interviews that he likes both men and women, but likes that men generally know what they want and go after it. He has only featured men on his feed so far.

Most of the videos are solos featuring Ty pleasuring his cock. He does seem to like filming himself in the shower or bath. One video has Ty sitting on the toilet filming close-up as he strokes his big, fat cock. There is sound, but he doesn't make a peep as two lively squirts of jizz fly out of his dick and onto the floor between his feet; the rest of his load oozes out and pools on his fist. Another 11 minute video lets us watch Ty as he does a bit of grooming and applies some kind of a peel-away facial mask. A four minute video sees Roderick pumping weight in a bicep curl and a two minute video lets us watch Ty jacking off inside a tanning bed.

But there's lots of hardcore action, too. One nine minute video features Roderick outdoors face-fucking Jamie Saunders who is squatting against a chainlink fence. Another 15 minute video is a sex session with fellow performer Brendan Patrick, and after getting his dick serviced and eating Patrick's ass, Ty fucks him. And the latest video is a 20 minute clip where Ty fucks a younger guy named Davey Anthony. There are also a couple of longer videos from RedRaw Media, which was a production project Roderick started with Dean Sage back in 2014 or so.

So far, there are 31 videos on Ty Roderick's feed, and as I've already discussed, they're mostly homemade videos and selfies, but there are a couple of professional productions here, too. On my 26 inch monitor, many of the videos played at 1170x660, but the screen size is going to depend on your device. Remember that toilet jack-off vid? Ty filmed that on his cellphone in portrait orientation, so expect a variety of sizes. The video quality is mostly good amateur, vids plays well on mobiles and desktops, and are enjoyable to watch. Your membership doesn't include any downloads, but you can stream as much as you like. However I see that you're able to receive videos by SMS and those cost $5.99 each; I'm not sure what's available nor can I give you information about formats or sizes. You'll have to text Roderick for more details.

There are 45 photos on the site, and these appear to be a mix of digital stills and selfies, maybe some screencaps from videos. Many are in black and white, but some are in color, and some have been run through artistic filters. The pictures are quite large and quality is pretty good, although some aren't crisp. You can't save any of the pictures on the site, but again, apparently you can pay $3.99 to receive photos. One or many? I don't know because the site doesn't say.

Ty Roderick launched his feed on October 9 with just one picture set, but has been growing fast. I'm reviewing it early in November, so he's added those 31 videos in the past 25 days and many days have seen multiple updates. It's hard to tell how often he'll be adding fresh content, but so far he's pretty active.

My biggest beef about these JustFor.Fans sites is that there's never much information about the featured man himself. All of the back story I provided at the beginning of this review came from my own research on the web. It'd be nice if JFF developed a bio page with standard information for the guys to provide, it sure would add to the sites. 

I've always enjoyed Ty Roderick. He's a sexy guy and a great top with a big dick, one of my favorites in his heyday. I'm glad to see that he's active and running a fan feed; there were three videos added in the past week and more than seven the week before. The 31 videos can be streamed on your desktop and mobile devices. And if you are a fan, you should be pretty happy with his mix of solo and hardcore videos. I recommend checking it out and seeing what he has to offer.

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