Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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The tour of Twinks at Play shows a variety of twinks involved in anything from two horny guys fucking and sucking to threesomes to bondage and domination. All the action shown on the tour is hardcore, but there are a couple things to watch out for. One is if you're not somewhere private, turn down your speakers before you go to the join page - there's a trailer there and it started playing automatically, and the guys are having fun and making lots of noise. The other is that the tour is only 2 pages, but each links to the other, so if you're not paying attention you could see each page several times before realizing it.

The member home page of Twinks at Play gets members right to the latest updates, each shown with the name of the models or title of the scene plus the date it was added to the site. The site news is above this, but it's missing one of the updates listed directly below, however the site does add one video each week. Underneath the updates are the up-and-coming updates, top rated pics and top rated pic sets. Finally near the bottom is a search box, and while it did work, I only got one result for the term "oral" even though there are plenty of sucking scenes and I got no results for either "anal" or "uncut", so it looks like there's some work to be done.

There are currently 39 videos inside Twinks at Play, each offered in 3 formats - WMV, Quicktime and Flash. There are 8 solo jackoff sessions and 31 hardcore videos. The WMV and Quicktime videos are shown at either 640x480 for older vids or 640x360 for newer vids, all with a bitrate over over 2 Mbps. The videos are good quality with good sound, and the videos play smoothly. The WMVs and Quicktimes are downloadable full scene and no DRM is used. For those who prefer streaming vids, there is also a Flash option, but I found the Flash videos to be lower quality than the downloadable videos and they tended to time out periodically to buffer even though I'm on a very fast internet connection.

Twinks at Play also offers 10 pic sets, although no new sites have been added for over 3 months. These pics are vidcaps of average vidcap quality or lower, which means they're lower quality than amateur digital stills. The pics are shown at either 640x480 or 640x360 and can be browsed as thumbnailed galleries, enjoyed as a hands-free slideshow or downloaded in a zip file.

One other thing I wanted to mention is that I'm not actually sure whether the content here is exclusive or not. They don't say, and there's no way to know. I guess the bottom line is that if you haven't seen the videos on the tour before, they're new to you - and that's all that really counts if you're watching them.

Twinks at Play offers 39 videos, 31 of which are hardcore and some include bondage and kink or group sex. The downloadable videos are available in WMV and Quicktime formats, and are good quality - and since the site doesn't use DRM, whatever you download is yours to keep. The site updates once per week with a new video, although the small pic section hasn't updated in a while. For those who like to download several videos at a time, I tried downloading 4 videos simultaneously with no problems. If you're looking for a collection of downloadable videos, don't mind smaller sites and like some variety, Twinks at Play may be just the site you're looking for.

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