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Twink Pornos is a pretty straightforward name - I'm going to take a giant leap here and assume that there are twinks, and they might be doing nasty things with a camera rolling. However, I am a bit concerned as I look at the tour - there are some guys here that definitely don't look entirely twinkish. In fact, if you look at the smaller pics at the bottom of the first tour page or especially the guys at the top of the second page, you'll see that the models shown there are probably much closer to 30 than to 25.

The Twink Pornos member's area is a bit 1998-esque, but it's not too bad, just on the simple side. There is navigation along the top and down the left side, although the navigation at the left had me confused right away. It's not that the options are odd or anything...but I can't quite understand why there would be a gay bear section in a twinks site.

The middle has a section for Today's Newest Updates, Next Updates, and Popular Links. I started off with the pictures section - apparently the navigation at the top is pretty pointless for this purpose, as it only gave me popular and newest updates. So off to the left I went, clicking through Gay, Gay Ebony, Gay Bear, and Bisexual sections.

The gay section has 724 picture sets, but like the tour, a lot of the guys here are definitely not twinks, and there are some sets that either have slender guys that are way too old to be a twink, or there are just no twinks in the sets at all. That is a bit confusing... The same holds true with the other sections: Gay Ebony at 91 sets, Gay Bears at 73 sets, and Bisexual at 57 sets. The pics are 800x600 and average quality. It doesn't look like these sets are exclusive, and they are also very small in general - many of them are under 15 photos, although there are a few that are around 40. There is also a problem with some of the bisexual sets - they just go to a blank page.

There video section is more of the same - there are 463 non exclusive videos here that are general gay as opposed to any sort of twink focus. It looks like they are just cut from DVD scenes, and are split into 5 minute clips per video. They are in Divx, and although the latest is 720x544 it is very poor quality. The older videos are in MPEG 320x240 and are divided into ridiculously short clips - 10 seconds. There isn't much in the way of extras - most of them are upsells, although there is an erotic stories third party feed. There is an online DVD feed that doesn't work.

Overall, I found Twink Pornos to be a pretty disappointing site. Although there is plenty of content, I have no way of knowing when it updates, and the videos that they offer are older non-exclusive movies that are only offered in clips and are pretty poor quality. The sections have nothing to do with twinks, and honestly it just seems like it's happenstance when I actually do see a sexy slender guy between 18 and 24.

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