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Today we're revisiting a site called Twink BF Videos that offers "amateur twink boyfriend videos". And you'll definitely find horny twinks in action here in solo stroking and suck and fuck videos. It's been 28 months since we last visited the site, so it's time to take a look and see what's new.

There's a good mix of white and black performers, Latinos and Asian guys, and I'd say many guys are from Europe and the U.S. There's just about every size of cock here including some really big, fat ones, and there are a fair amount of uncut dicks, too. You'll find guys 18 to maybe 25 who are slender with no body hair and have plenty of cute factor. Some of the performers here are cute, slim, smooth and boyish - in other words, twinks - but others not so much.

There are also some guys with furry chests and abs, some who are too muscular, too mature or just not cute enough to be twinks. One of the oldest videos, called "Twink oils his sexy nude body on webcam" has a slim guy with a patch of chest hair and a somewhat receding hairline, and while he could pass for a twink as far as age goes, he's not cute or boyish and he's not smooth. And there are lots of average guy types, too.

There's a lot of variety when it comes to the action, too. There's plenty of solo masturbation sessions that sometimes include guys stretching their assholes for the camera, but there's also a good amount of hardcore. There are twink getting barebacked, guys sucking dick, stroking each others' cocks and I found some threeways, too. You'll find twinks trading blowjobs, A couple videos have twinks getting boned by tattooed guys in their mid-thirties or older. A lot of the solos seem to be recorded webcam shows, and you'll find guys stroking, sucking and fucking in beds, on couches and desk chairs, bathrooms, at least one garaage and just about anyplace you can get naked.

Twink BF Videos has grown a lot, now offering 547 DRM-free videos. The videos are offered in MP4 format, the downloadable vids are each offered in a single size, most of which are sized at around 640x360, but can range from a small 380x284 to a decent-sized 1280x720. For those who'd rather watch than download, each video can also be streamed in a player sized at 640x360. You can enlarge to videos to full-screen mode, but since most videos aren't that big and are amateur to average quality, results aren't always too pleasing, although the ones sized at 1280x720 fare better. Many of the videos have been filmed with webcams or non-pro equipment, and the DVD vids are years old, so sharpness and saturation aren't always the best, but some videos are much better than the rest.

There are also 398 picture galleries, just over 100 more than on our last visit, that contain mostly amateur-shot pictures such as naked selfies and dick pics. Although amounts vary, there are usualoly between four and 23 images in a set. As with the videos, the photo quality could often be better, but if you are into real amateur pics, you'll probably enjoy these galleries. The photos come in a variety of sizes, the smaller at around 480x640 and the largest at about 713x950, although all are shown on the pages at 796 pixels in width, which means the smaller pics will be stretched to fit and will appear lower in quality than they actually are. You can save the pics individually or download entire sets in zip files. There's no hands-free slideshow tool, but it's easy to navigate from one image to the next.

Full members of Twink BF Videos get access to the 429 Members network, which hosts more than 7,000 videos from 24 bonus sites. Each site offers supposedly amateur content and has a specific theme such as Asians, big cocks, hairy bears, BDSM, black guys, straight guys and barebacking. Some of the sites update, and all the sites offer downloadable and streaming videos.

Now let's talk a little more about Twink BF Videos updates. The site is currently averaging two updates per week, but the updates are added at what seems to be random intervals. Sometimes updates are added only one day or two days apart, other times five or nine days apart, and once last month there was 11 days between two updates. Still, the site does end up averaging two updates per week; there were eight last month and eight the previous month, so as long as you don't mind the randomness, the site is growing at a decent pace.

Now let's talk about issues. There's pre-checked offer on the billing page which, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when joining this site. Trial members get only limited access, and trials recur at $12 more per month than the regular monthly membership. The members area is loaded with ads - even the video players; when you pause a video, a large animated ad pops up. There are no The quality and sometimes the size of both the videos and photos could use some work.

One last thing I wanted to talk about is the tour because nothing you see on the tour is what you'll find in the member area. The models, picture quality and even dick sizes shown on the tour are designed to sell memberships, but you won't find any of what's offered after you log in. That doesn't mean the guys in the member area are unattractive, though, but there's a lot less boyishly cute guys, and neither the videos nor the picture quality in the member area is as sharp or well-saturated as what's on the tour.

Twink BF Videos offers a good-sized collection of twinks and amateur guys, many from 18 to 25, stroking their cocks or sucking and fucking in a mix of homemade videos, recorded live cam shows and content from somewhat older DVDs. There are 547 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile plus 398 image galleries, and two updates are added each week, although not on any particular schedule. Full members get bonus access to a large network of gay porn sites, as well, offering over 7,000 videos total. If the average quality of the videos doesn't bother you, the massive collection of bonus videos makes this membership a very good value.

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