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Trucker Sucker is a place where members go to meet gay, bisexual and straight (but horny) truckers. Whether you're hoping to do them in their rig or find and service truck drivers at truck stops, this hookup site is dedicated to just that. You can sign up for a free (but limited) account, pay for a full VIP account or you can check out the trucker sex stories, trucking industry links and click the links leading to a variety of gay tube sites, although none are exactly trucker-themed.

When you sign up for a free account, you must also create a minimal profile - then you can browse members, including truckers, construction workers, bears and men in uniform. Unlike some hookup sites, you cannot view full profiles here without a paid membership, but you can do a search by area and a few other criteria, and you can browse a sort of mini profile of each guy including brief info and a small thumb of each member.

One cool feature for free members is the forum. While not busy, you can read posts about how to find truckers (apparently the best way to hook up is by CB radio), read stories about guys' experiences sucking truckers at restrooms, showers, in their cabs, etc, get some gloryhole and truck stop suggestions, and some cocksuckers post where they can be found for those who want some servicing.

Something I found frustrating is the things free members can't do. They cannot view full profiles, use webcams or send emails to other members, nor can they post on the "chat strip." These features are reserved for paying members, and while I can see the point of it, I think allowing free members to browse full profiles with pics would give free members more of an idea of the guys, which might lead to having more active and more paying members.

One other thing that "popped up" again and again while I was using the site is that you must enable pop-ups for the site to work correctly. I enabled pop-ups temporarily, and so I was reminded periodically while checking everything out to enable pop-ups.

Trucker Sucker is pretty much focused on one thing - finding truckers looking for blowjobs or more while they're on the road. This is not a hookup site offering dating, all kinds of guys or romance, and as a result, it has less active members than more general sites; the site claimed 41,139 members at the time of this review (202 are in California), but there are guys in Canada and other countries, as well. I liked the forum, even if it wasn't very busy. My main issue is that I didn't feel the free memberships offer enough to keep members coming back, but on the other hand, you never know. After all, where but Trucker Sucker can you go to find trucker drivers and their fans?

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