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I've seen my fair share of college-aged young men - hooligans and know-it-alls - who needed a good spanking over a stern man's knee, someone to teach them that actions have consequences. Tropixxx VIP doesn't just think about spanking these bad boys, they do it. If you're a spanking fan, you've probably seen their DVDs around, but the website features new and unreleased-to-DVD scenes, some from the site owner's private stash. It's been four years since our last review of Tropixxx VIP, so it's time to take another look.

The guys getting their butts tanned are 18 to 20-something, some jocks with athletic or built bodies, skateboarders with slim bodies, punks with longer hair and just average guys you'd see hanging out on the street corner. A lot of these guys are wearing baggy shorts or jeans and loose-fitting shirts, so we don't notice how sexy their bodies are until the bare-butt spankings get under way. The owners of Tropixxx VIP have a knack for finding the most perfect butts to take over their knees.

Nick was one of my favorites; he's a blond stud appearing in about a dozen videos, and he's got a tight, toned body, a beautiful beefy ass and thick thighs. He's cute and plays the bad boy very well, often looking angry while he's getting spanked; he hollers when the sting of a paddle hurts and sometimes he even cries.

Tropixxx VIP focuses on "real male spanking and punishment", and these guys gets their asses slapped and beaten with a number of different implements like wooden paddles, leather straps, hair brushes, fly swatters or bare hands. The guys usually start off getting thumped over their trousers, then through their underwear, and finally, on their naked butt cheeks. It's a turn-on watching the intensity of the spanking and the boy's reaction to it increasing.

There are two spankers. One appears to be in his forties like a father figure, while the other is more the age of an older brother in his mid-to-late twenties. Some of the scenes have a bit of a set-up where a guy gets caught smoking or drinking, or he didn't do a chore around the house or work shop, and he gets balled out and spanked. Some scenes are pure corporal punishment, but a small number of others explore harsher aspects of discipline like washing a guy's mouth out with soap or bondage and gags. By and large most of the scenes are simply guys bending over a knee or piece of furniture and getting their asses whacked with a variety of instruments.

But in a couple of my favorites, one guy heads into the woods with the spanker and is ordered to cut a switch; you can see him getting more nervous as he skins the branch with his pocket knife. Then the daddy wraps the lad's hands and mouth with duct tape, bends him over, and gives him a severe whipping with the switch. One of Nick's scenes has him leaning over the kitchen sink; any time Nick moves his ass or shifts his position, the spanker stops and corrects him before resuming. When Nick yelled, "Oh, fuck!" the spanker stops and demands an apology for the foul language before continuing.

There are 70 videos in Tropixxx VIP, and you can download or stream them in QuickTime format. Most of the videos on the site play at 320x240, but newer videos come in a number of different sizes, either 480x360, 640x480, or 854x480. The videos are amateur to good amateur productions with decent lighting and sound. Some of the newer and larger videos use a picture-in-picture display where a smaller picture in the corner shows the spanked guy's face while we watch his paddling.

There are 26 picture galleries featuring 40 to 150 screencaps. The images display at 640x480, they're decent quality and what you'd expect from a screencap. There's no slideshows or downloadable zip files, but you can save them individually.

When it comes to extras, Tropixxx VIP offers 11 behind-the-scenes videos, which gives you an opportunity to hear some of the guys talking about the spanking they just had. There's also a handful of erotic spanking stories and members get bonus access to another site from the same studio called Frat Hazing.

The site updates because the episodes aren't dated, but the site owner tells me that they add 4 updates each month; 2 are new never-before-seen content and 2 are from their back catalog, and these are rotated in and out. That explains why the site hasn't grown larger - the older videos are removed and later put back on a periodic rotation.

The only issue I really had with the site is the inconsistency in video sizes. In this day and age, a video sized at 320x240 is just too small to enjoy anywhere except on your cell phone. Re-encoding those older videos and standardizing with a larger size would go a long way to improve this site. It's also not clear on the page that you can actually download the videos, there are no visible download links. However if you right-click a video's title on the homepage, the saving options pop up.

The men who run Tropixxx VIP love spanking bad-boy butts, and their sessions are realistic, varied and at times, severe. I loved watching those college-aged bare bums turning red and starting to look pretty sore. If those rosy cheeks aren't enough for you, the guys themselves squirm and flinch during these punishments, whimpering and hollering; some are even reduced to tears. Tropixxx VIP is a smaller site and labor of love and I really did enjoy the spanking sessions a lot, but the small screen sizes on the videos really need to be upgraded. With consistently large-sized videos and regular dated updates, I'd give this site a glowing review, as there's enough to enjoy here, the site just needs some improvements - nothing a little spanking couldn't rectify.

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