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Troop Candy is a fairly new gay military site that I'm quite excited about. I get so tired of military porn consisting of a couple of guys wearing army t-shirts sucking and fucking. Troop Candy goes above and beyond the call of duty with realistic hazing sessions, boot camp drill sessions and loud sergeants berating new recruits. And, of course, there's lots of sucking and fucking. Join me while I check out Troop Candy.

The guys here are a mix of porn regulars, first-timers and up and comers in the porn world. I saw Alexander Greene, Braxton Smith and Adam Bryant, but I didn't recognize most of the other guys. They're a mix of black, white and Latin men in their twenties with ripped and athletic bodies, exactly what you'd expect to see at boot camp. They're mostly smooth or with just a bit of body hair, many are sporting trimmed pubes, and up top they're either wearing military haircuts or shaved heads.

"Every day at 1400 after chow the sergeant has me meet him in the guard house so I can suck his dick", Private Wilson says. On this particular day, Wilson has set up a hidden camera in the guard shack and films himself blowing his sergeant. He gobbles down his superior's big black cock and gets his face creamed. Then the sergeant heads off to the showers to berate a bunch of naked privates. Back in his room, Private Wilson plays a board game with a couple of other soldiers and that leads to more dick sucking. Off in another room, three recruits blow each then daisy chain fuck, and the reel ends with two other soldiers fucking.

The real treat here is that the guys aren't just wearing green t-shirts and dog tags like in a lot of gay military porn; they wear all kinds of authentic military gear. There's camouflage netting and tents, and I even saw a jeep in one scene. And if you like good ole fashioned military hazing, there's lots of that, too. I watched one scene where a bunch of naked soldiers were hosed down in the shower with an actual fireman's hose, and another scene had a group of recruits out on a half-naked run where they had to drop and do push-ups and other dirty things. The recruits are ordered to suck their sergeant's cock, while at other times they're ordered to suck and fuck each other. Some of the action is with condoms but other times it's bareback. And there's lots of group action, of course. The scenarios look and feel like real raunchy bootcamp sessions rather than staged sex in a porn studio with camouflage netting on the wall.

Troop Candy now offers 20 exclusive videos that are available to download in MP4 format in four sizes from 640x360, good for most smaller mobiles, to 1920x1080, which looks good on large monitors. They're good amateur quality with good sound so you can hear those sergeants barking the orders. The videos also stream in two different sizes (640x360 and 856x480) in an embedded player and you can select an option that plays them in a pop-up window. Regardless of how you watch them, you can use full-screen mode and the videos don't lose much quality.

There are also 20 picture sets, one per video. There are between 600 and 800 screencaps per set, and you can view these in thumbnail galleries. Each picture displays at 1280x720 and they're good quality. Unfortunately there are lots of similar poses and I wish the site had pared them down, offering us only the best of them. There's no slideshows here, but you can save the pictures individually or download all the photos from any set in a zip file.

Troop Candy was in production for most of 2016 and added videos from February to September, but not at a regular pace. And the site hadn't launched at the time, and once they were open for business, they said we can expect regular weekly updates. It's been seven months since launch, however, and the site has added seven videos - I did check back a few times, and it appears the site is added one video per month.

While the military content is better than many sites, there are still a few stumbles to address. As with many sites, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if you leave it selected, you'll find yourself with a membership to another site. But it's easy enough to opt out. A one-day trial membership sounds like a great deal at a buck, but you'll end up paying $10 more if you decide to keep the membership on a monthly basis.

Troop Candy goes overboard with advertising. There's a full-page ad when you first enter your password and then inside the member area there are banners disguised to look like content, there are "unlock" buttons encouraging you to buy memberships to other sites in this company's portfolio, there are even two animated banners beside the videos player, and these are the most distracting. I recommend either downloading the videos or playing them in the pop-up window and you won't be bothered by the banners. And last, the tour claims the vids are shot in 4k, but they're only offered to members in HD, and they say that the site is an "Award-winning real amateur site" in 2015 when the site launched in 2016.

Troop Candy is a good dose of gay military porn, and they get a pretty review from me on the content side of things. A lot of military movies are pretty lame with guys wearing army t-shirts and dog tags and that about it, but Troop Candy goes all the way with military uniforms, hazing, loud-mouthed sergeants bellowing orders and soldiers sucking and fucking in tents and on their jeeps. While the site uses some regular performers, there are a lot of fresh faces and the action seems pretty realistic. The site offers 20 exclusive videos to download, stream or watch on your mobiles, so it appears to be adding one update per month. And while Troop Candy is a small site, it's definitely got a lot going for it.

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