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Tristan Mathews is a 29-year-old performer who has been filming porn for about eight years. In that time he's been nominated for several awards - the GayVN Awards, Grabby Awards, and Cybersocket Awards - and this year, his eponymous site caught the attention of Cybersocket again who nominated him in the Best New Site category. So join me while I head inside to see what all the fuss is about.

Tristan Mathews seems to have gotten started in the business around 2008 and garnered his first GayVN nomination for Best Group Sex Scene for a Studio 2000 release called "In Too Deep." In total, Mathews has filmed approximately 88 scenes and directed six. He's a scruffy-faced, hairy-chested, Italian-American who calls Connecticut home. He's a short guy standing 5'8" and weighs 150 pounds; he's cute, furry, has pierced nipples, and wears a fair number of tattoos all over his body. He's packing a decent-sized dick, and while he bottoms for most of the videos on his site, he is versatile. He's also a good cocksucker - I saw him swallow a guy's fair-sized dick and nuts in one mouthful.

His site used be called Tristan Mathews XXX but is now simply called Tristan Mathews, and you can see him play with a variety of guys from rockers and punks to hairy muscle hunks. Adam Russo, Cliff Jensen, and Alessandro Del Toro are among the ranks of well-known performers who appear in this site, the rest of the guys are mostly unknowns, newcomers or occasionally guys that he picks up online.

Tristan Mathews and his buddies get into regular suck and fuck sessions, but there's lots of different stuff, too, some of which can get a little kinky. Wearing a leather harness and jock, Mathews sits in a chair holding slave boy Ryan Coxx on a leash and the blond worships and licks Tristan's feet. In another session, Mathews jacks off with a Fleshjack and rides Cliff Jensen's cock in another. He fucks an emo in front of the bathroom mirror as he holds the camera, and fucks a FTM stud's pussy (that's female-to-male stud, in case you didn't know). He gets a blowjob in his kitchen from a tatted rocker, sucks off a straight guy with a Mohawk, Alessandro Del Toro sits in a chair and watches Tristan riding his dick; and transsexual performer Foxxy fucks Tristan with her real cock. Told you it can get a little kinky.

There are 33 videos on Tristan Mathews; 13 are solos where Tristan or one of his buddies jacks their dicks, each in his own scene. The rest of the videos are duos with lots of sucking, ass fucking, and of course, spunking and even some cum eating. You can stream the videos in a player at 920x520 with a full-screen option and they hold up quite well. You can also download the videos in three sizes of MP4 from 426x240 for your cell phone to 852x480 or 1280x720. They're average amateur productions and play well with good sound quality. About half of the videos are exclusive to Tristan Mathews, the others have appeared on another site.

There are 23 picture galleries, so not quite one for every episode. The pics are good amateur quality digital stills that you can view the online, but the site uses a weird viewer that requires you open a flyout on the side of the page to navigate to the next picture, use the slideshow feature, or even save the pics one at a time. Only some of the galleries are offered as zip file downloads.

There are a number of not-so-great things to tell you about. First, the tour promises bi-weekly updates, but there hasn't been a new video added in a month; before that two were added five months ago, and another two months before that. Second, the tour says Tristan Mathews does three live shows monthly, but I saw nothing about that on the site. There is a link where you can arrange a live Skype session, but these are pay-per-minute chats and there's no live show schedule, so it seems you have to pay for the shows in advance and arrange a time to hook up with Tristan.

What annoyed me most about the site is that there are "tip me" links all over the place and when you land on the tip page, it says that your tip will go to finance future shoots. But since the site is already quite late on its promised updates, I'm not sure a tip is in order.

Tristan Mathews is a cute and hairy guy, he's a kinky fucker and he's fun to watch. I like the variety of guys he plays with from Mohawk rockers to tatted punks and from jocks to hairy muscle bears like Alessandro Del Toro or daddies like Adam Russo. There's a good mix of kinky sex and suck and fuck action, as well as a dozen or so solos in these 33 videos. You'll get your money's worth on a monthly membership, but as Tristan Mathews doesn't live up to his promises of bi-weekly updates or three monthly live shows, your stay here might be short.

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