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Triga Films bills themselves as "The Original British Filth Factory," and Triga Men is their theater in the Studio Presse network. This video network has half a dozen theaters focusing on military, BDSM, fetish and rough sex themes, so Triga Men fits right in. It's the smallest of the theaters but its content packs a nasty punch, so let's get started.

The guys here range in age from 18 to their mid-thirties, although most appear to be in their twenties. None of the videos have cast listings, but I did recognize a few of the performers from my visits to British porn sites, guys like Andy Lee, David Jones, James Carter, and others, but most of the faces were unfamiliar to me. The guys are a mix of rugby players, footballers, skinheads, scallies, chavs, and other rough types. They're sporting lean athletic bodies with some nice definition, and a few are a little more muscular; I saw both smooth and hairy guys and lots of big, fat, juicy cocks covered in foreskin.

In "Skinheads Gang-Bang" a skinhead is sitting back on the couch getting blown by one of the other gang members and the door bursts open and three more skinheads enter. "What the fuck is going on here?" one bellows. Before the cocksucker can get off his knees, they circle him and take turns feeding his mouth. They spit on him and call him names and each guy takes a turn in his mouth. No one seems bothered about the guy who was getting head - the gang focuses all their vitriol on the cocksucker, who not only continues to blow them, but service them with his ass, too. After lots of head and anal, the original two sit side by side on the couch, and the other three jack off all over them.

There are quite a few videos featuring rugby players or footballers drinking, smoking, and having sex in the locker room. Many scenes involve guys getting caught jacking off or already engaged in sex, then they're punished with more sex, and usually rough. A handyman gets tired of his client staring and perving at him so he jumps him and pushes him to his knees, another trio of guys are caught in the middle of a threeway by two skinheads who make themselves the center of attention, and still another has a guy being forced to suck off his three buddies. If you like group sex, 32 of the 52 videos here offer three or more guys sucking and fucking.

My favorite scene opens with five guys smoking and drinking and arguing over some contraband they have just stolen. Everyone wants the laptop, but when it's clear one sulking guy isn't going to get it, he leaves and calls the cops to report the location of the stolen goods. Two bald cops arrive and force the four remaining thugs to submit to a strip search, followed by dick sucking, hole fingering, ass fucking, and all five men shoot their wads all over the sixth kneeling on the floor.

There are 52 videos that come from 27 Triga Films DVDs; they are offered in streaming MP4 format and play at between 788x540 and 1076x578. There may be other sizes as well, but I had a limited number of tickets, so I couldn't check more than a few videos. Throughout the Studio Presse network one can often used purchased tickets to download movies, but the Triga Men theater only allows you to stream them. These are good amateur productions with fairly good lighting and sound, and you can stream them in three qualities - HD, standard or mobile - but only the HD fares well in full-screen mode. Each video has six pictures sized at 480x360 that allow you preview the action, but these pics aren't enlargeable.

You can buy packages of tickets from five to 100 tickets that cost between $5 to $50, and each scene costs four to six tickets to stream. You also have the option of buying an unlimited streaming membership that lets you watch as much as you want, but again, you can't download anything. And since it would cost you over $100 in tickets to watch every single video, the unlimited membership is a better deal if you want to watch it all. But whether you opt for tickets or the unlimited membership, tickets can be used at all 19 theaters - you're not restricted to Triga Men.

I'm disappointed that the videos aren't available for download, as many of the other Studio Presse theaters allow the majority of the videos to be downloaded. I suspect that Triga Films is much more protective of its content and doesn't want it downloaded and illegally circulated. The Studio Presse network claims to have 9,000 videos and the Triga Men tour claims 15 updates per week, but many of those 9,000 videos appear in multiple theaters and are counted more than once, and the update schedule applies to the network, not just this one site. Many of the Studio Presse movies are in French and Spanish with no subtitles, and while the Triga Men videos are in English, I found the accents so thick at times that I could have used subtitles; then again, with my eyes fixated on all the nasty bum fun, I doubt I would have been able to read.

None of the videos are dated, so we checked back. Good news is that the site has added 5 videos in just over 4 weeks, so it looks like at this time, they're updating weekly.

I really, really liked the action at Triga Men and all their rough men. Skinheads are hard to find in porn; throw in all those scallies, chavs, beefy sportsmen and other rough types, and of course all those uncut cocks, and I turn into a wanking fool. And the sex is rough without falling into the BDSM genre, it's just aggressive men who like using and manhandling their bottoms. Studio Presse has two set-ups to accommodate both the casual or heavy porn viewer. And if you like the 57Triga Men movies, you'll want to check out several of the other theaters in the network, as there's a lot of nasty stuff there.

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