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If you love hunky, mature porn star Trenton Ducati with his thick cock and handsome smile, you'll be happy to know that he recently launched his new fan site at JustForFans. This is where you can see Ducati's home videos of him jacking his dick, suck cock and get sucked, fuck bareback with random hook-ups, buddies and other porn stars. He also directs or photographs other guys including some porn stars or uploads their videos, and you'll find some nasty stuff here like Mr. Ducati fucking a twink's tight ass and then making the lad suck Ducati's daddy dick clean.

One of my favorite videos is surprisingly a solo, a selfie shot in the bathroom. The post says "Join me for my morning jerk off. I love blowin the first load of the day!!", and blow it he does. Trenton grabs his phone and then his dick, and he starts stroking it. We can see his unshaved pubes as he works his hand up and down that fat shaft, the head getting red and swollen just before he shoots a stream of hot cum into the sink. Sexy stuff! Let me tell you about some more of the videos.

There's a video of Jack Hunter and Michael Del Ray in a sizzling suck session that ends in a flip-flop fuck while Ducati watches and catches the entire thing on video for us. Jack Hunter also appears on his back as Trenton slams his hard dick deep inside Hunter's hole in a punishing bareback fuck that ends only after Ducati has fucked his cum back inside Jack's ass and Jack finally shoots his load. There's also a session of Trenton with twinky Alam Wernik who starts things off by stroking Ducati's dick in a car, and this one has a happy ending as Alam licks the cum off Ducati's dick.

Trenton Ducati's fan site has 24 videos that are streaming DRM-free MP4s in a player sized at about 1050x588. Since some of these are self-shot home videos, quality varies, but most of the videos hold up well when enlarged to full-screen, and the vids can play on just about any device including your desktop as well as your mobiles for those on a phone or tablet. Each video runs from just over two minutes to over ten minutes.

So what about updates? They're added somewhere between one and five days apart, and several times there have been two videos added on the same day. So while there's no update schedule, the site is adding new content; the most recent update was added three days ago.

Now let's talk about the platform this fan site is on. It's called JustForFans, and it's sort of a mix between Twitter and a membership site. The porn stars who host their fan sites here do their own updating, dictate their own prices (in this case it's $10 per month) and write their own posts. When you join a porn star's JustForFans site, you follow him, and you can also add his posts to your Twitter account if you like. Like most social media sites, you can like a post or comment on it, and unlike social media, here you can also tip the star you're following if you wish. There's no tours on JustForFans accounts, but since it's aimed at fans, there doesn't need to be - we already know what our favorite porn stars look like.

Were there any downsides? Well, I did wish the videos were downloadable, but on this Twitter-type of site, I wouldn't really expect them to be. I would have liked a bio about Mr. Ducati and maybe longer posts from him for the videos. And there's no way to know how much of this content is exclusive and how much is from other sites. But hey, if you haven't seen the videos before - and I hadn't - they're new for you.

I was happy with Trenton Ducati's JustForFans site, but then I really am a fan. He's a handsome, well-built man in his prime with a big, always-hard cock who treats us to bareback fucking, mouth-watering oral sex and a couple really hot jack-off sessions. This fan site was a recent launch, and so far there are 24 streaming videos that will play on your computer or pretty much any mobile device. Updates are being added an average of every three days, although there's sometimes more and sometimes less time between them. If you love watching Trenton Ducati and his big dick in action, you might want to follow him at his JustForFans site and watch all his video updates as they are added.

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