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Trap House Boys is a fairly new site that was launched in May 2015. The site focuses on rough black studs and thugs in hardcore bareback action. They try to accentuate the whole gangster theme by using the name trap house, which is a slang term for a crack house.

The guys here are good looking, but I wouldn't really call them handsome - they are masculine, well built, hot and horny, and they're ready to fuck. Most definitely have a rough look; you wouldn't want to piss these guys off, and you won't mistake them for male models or porn stars. Their muscular bodies are covered in tattoos, and they've got huge slabs of black meat - sometimes uncut - swinging between their powerful thighs. These guys are amateurs, most in their twenties and maybe early thirties, and they certainly know how to put these big dicks to use.

The men here are really into getting down on camera, and the action at Trap House Boys is hot and sometimes gets quite rough. There's lots of deep-throat cock sucking, ass licking, and huge raw dicks pounding hungry mouths and round asses, followed by creamy cumshots which often land on a face or inside an ass. You'll also find kissing, mutual jack-off sessions and more, but eventually all the scenes get to hard, raw fucking. The action here is bareback, and there are hardcore duos as well as threesomes. If you are into black thugs with impressive tattoo-covered bodies as well as big fat cocks and bubble butts, then read on to discover what's in the members area.

When you first log into this site, you will land on a page that shows videos from two different sites. You would need to click the Trap House Boys logo at the top, and that's where things get a little odd. There are 179 videos listed, but the majority of these are clips from less than a minute to over 7 minutes each, and all these clips seem to be taken from 9 full scenes - the scenes run from over half an hour to just under an hour. The site says it will be updating once a week, although so far updates aren't very regular. By the way, when they add the clips from a scene, they're all added on the same day.

The videos, which are exclusive to the site, can be downloaded in two different sizes of MP4. The larger one comes in full HD at 1920x1080 while the other one plays at 960x540, which is still pretty good-sized. They are good amateur quality, but there is room for improvement when it comes to framing of the models and the camera angles. The videos are DRM-free and you can download several files at once. If you prefer, you can stream the videos online at a default size of 960x540, and you can enlarge the player to fit the size of your screen without losing too much of the quality. There are no mobile-optimized vids available, and since the smaller videos are pretty big in size, if you have an older or non-smart phone you may not be able to play them.

Trap House Boys offers 14 photo sets, of which 10 match match the videos. These are digital stills offered at a mind-blowing large size of 3465x5202, and since they're huge in file size, they load pretty slowly for pics. There's no hands-free slideshows or downloadable zip files, but you can download individual photos. The images are of decent quality, although sometimes grainy when viewed at full size, but they look pretty good when viewed to fit most monitors. There are between 100 and 1,000 pics in a set, and not surprisingly the large number of pics mean sets can be pretty repetitious. It's worth mentioning that the pic sets are not included with the scenes - they're listed in the network pic section.

Trap House Boys shares its member area with a site called Teenage Bareback, and members get access to both of the sites. Teenage Bareback was launched around the same time and currently contains 15 scenes. As an additional bonus, members get access to a DVD archive which contains 2,009 scenes from 553 DVD titles. The movies are dated and not exclusive, but there are loads of black and bareback action to enjoy.

The site has some issues. First, it's small and updates aren't regular - two new videos have been added in the past month, and also a few of the videos that were only available in clips have had their full scenes added, however with recent dates; this makes it seem like they're fresh updates. Trials recur at $10 more than the monthly price, and you may get a pop-up when exiting the join page. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the many short clips except that they make the site look bigger than it is. The photos are too big and there are way too many of them in a set. There is a large advertisement for a webcam service at the top of every page in the members area. The claims on the tour are misleading as there isn't a huge exclusive content base and the way the tour makes it appear that there are more videos than there actually are. I think that a monthly membership fee of $29.95 is too expensive for a site with 9 videos, and it is unclear whether trial memberships are limited. And there are pre-checked offers on the sign-up page that, if left checked, will sign you up for 2 additional sites when you join this one.

I have a few last complaints regarding the members area personality. The site itself doesn't have its own members area, and while that's getting pretty common, it's not so common the bury the site's own picture sets in a section with pics from another site. There's no info about the models at all, and I'd like to know more about them. There's also no scene descriptions of any sort nor info about the studio or how they find the guys.

There's one last issue, and this is a weird one. Not only are the videos broken into short clips, but all but the newest repeat on the listing pages. Each set is listed more than once, and that makes it look at a glance like the site is much bigger than it is. It also means that you may find yourself watching the same clip more than once, listed on different pages.

The Trap House Boys tour looks very appealing and the performers are smoking hot black thugs, mostly muscular with tattoos and impressively hung, however the owners have failed to impress me. There are just too many issues for such an expensive membership, and that's disappointing as the men and the action are so fucking hot. There are 9 full scenes to stream or download, but they're broken into many clips that can be very confusing and make the site seem much bigger than it is; the site has added two full scenes in the past month. If you like what you see on the tour, you might want to give the Trap House Boys trial membership a go, but I am unsure whether you will be getting full access.

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