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Today we're taking a look at TransAngeles, a site offering sexy trannies in exclusive content. The action here is hardcore, and you'll find plenty of duos with men fucking tgirls, trannies fucking guys, shemales fucking shemales, and a few of the TransAngels even fuck women. The site has lots of variety, so you can expect rimjobs, massages, facial cumshots, sex toys, some foot fetish action, creampies, a couple movie parodies, one POV session and even one bondage scene. There are also a handful of beautifully shot, very sexy solos.

Most of the performers here range from attractive to drop-dead gorgeous. They could all easily pass for women while they're dressed, and many could pass as professional models or actresses. You'll find beauties with big, round asses and boobs, others who are sweet and petite. Some are made up and glamorous, others could pass for pretty girls next door. Most have great bodies, sexy smiles and cock sizes vary from small to big, and some are fully functional tops. Many have tattoos; in fact, some are very tattooed while others have no tats or only a small one. You'll find plenty of well-known tranny performers and porn stars including Khloe Kay, Nikki Jade Taylor, Chanel Santini, Natassia Dreams and Natalie Mars.

TransAngels offers 121 exclusive, DRM-free videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and updates are added twice a week. The vids are offered in three downloadable sizes at good quality, the largest at 1920x1080 and the smallest at 854x480, which is perfect for all but the oldest mobiles. You can also stream the vids in a player sized at about 980x550, and there are five resolutions; the highest two resolutions look best for most desktop computers and also look best if you enlarge to full screen on a larger monitor, but there are two extra small resolutions for those on older phones. All in all, I was happy with the video offerings here.

Each episode comes with a picture set, and these are offered as galleries on the video pages. The pics are good amateur quality digital stills sized at 1280x1920, and they show off the models with some glamour shots before getting to the action. You'll also find member comments on most of the episode pages as well as linked tags and performer names, which can be quite useful.

Something I really like about TransAngels are the model pages, which are some of the best I've seen. All but one I checked had a big pic of the model on the left, a filled-out profile on the right and info about the model on the far right. Below are the model's udpates and below that are similar models. And at the bottom of the model pages are member comments; you can also leave your own comments.

While there's a lot to like about this site, there's a lot of issues, as well. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, but it's easy to uncheck if you're not interested. Next is a twofer; first, I was unable to find any info about whether the trial membership gives limited access anywhere, so I used their live chat support, and I was told that yes, trial members get limited access. By the way, the trial membership recurs at $10 more per month than the cost of the monthly membership. When you log into the site, you'll find yourself on a long full page ad; the fastest, easiest way to get to the member area is to click the green link on the right that says CONTINUE TO TRANS ANGELS. While the site does allow multiple downloads, I found download speeds to be on the slow side. By the way, when browsing this site, have your login ready - I was logged out several times while I did this review.

Next, there are a couple tour claims I'd like to address; "Access to live cams" and "Access to premium content". When I clicked PREMIUM on the full page ad, it said I'd have to pay $89.95 for a lifetime membership to TransAngels Premium. From the TransAngels member area, when I clicked PREMIUM, it took me to a separate membership site where my login didn't work so I'd have to pay to join that site. I can't say for sure whether the live cams link takes you to a third-party live cam site because although I tried several times to reload, the live cams page remained blank for me except for a banner ad on the bottom of the page.

TransAngels offers up some of the hottest tgirls around - gorgeous, feminine and horny, and most are porn stars tranny lovers will be familiar with. The action is mostly hardcore and definitely hot, and sometimes gets mixed up as there's trannies with guys, with other trannies, and a few with women; there's some tgirls topping, too. There are 121 good quality, exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and the site updates every Thursday and Saturday. Each episode comes with pictures, member comments and linked tags and model names, too. And while TransAngels has issues, I think the sizzling hot tbabes and good quality content more than make up for it.

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