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Trans500 is a network of six tgirl sites from the self-explanatory Big Booty Tgirls to the quirky Super Ramone. The transsexuals here are a mix of cute first-timers, experienced porn stars like Wendy Williams, and everything in between including the mind-blowingly well-hung Angee Conty. You'll find shemales with big tits, some with perky small tits and body types from slender and athletic to lush and very curvy; no surprise, but some of these trannies have big, round asses, too. Many of the performers here are Latina or black, but there are some sexy white tbabes as well. And when it comes to the guys, one is a nerdy looking Latin guy named Ramone who has huge, impressively fat cock, and there are some more well-hung tgirl lovers, too. Expect some tgirls to be tattooed and most to be glamorous.

Some of the trannies are from the U.S., which is pretty clear when they talk to the camera, as some videos start with interviews; others don't speak English or speak it with strong accents, and these sometimes have subtitles but sometimes don't. The interviews include info I'd like to know; for example, sultry brunette Valetia Foxx tells the camera she's very active and has a big dick, and then we get to watch her shower. In another behind-the-scenes video, the camera man follows Wendy Williams around for just over a minute as she walks, a great way to see her bubble butt move beneath her thin skirt.

To say this network offers variety is an understatement. You'll find solo sessions where each tranny shows how she plays with her ass and cock, and you can expect anal fingering and toys in some vids. There are plenty of very hot duo scenes and some threesomes, and some of these really stand out. I found a video that includes cuckolding with a very well-hung black stud while the husband watches plus our sexy tranny takes on her step-daughter, who services both the her step-mother's and the ebony hunk's cocks, as well as getting seriously spit-roasted.

Some of the videos start with very little set-up, others - like the one where we watch a sexy tgirl walking till she gets to her destination, gets paid by a horny stud and next thing you know, they're sucking and fucking madly. The 14 videos inside Super Ramone feature Ramone as a super hero in latex - these are fun and a bit silly, but there's nothing silly about Ramone's gigantic cock as he pounds those tranny asses. You'll find tgirl-on-tgirl duos here, and sometimes two guys on one tranny or two trannies on one guy. And some videos start with the shemale showing off her body by posing model-style before we get to the action.

Trans500 currently offers 363 videos and adds at least two videos and often three or sometimes four per week. The newer videos are offered in full HD at 1920x1080, most at very good quality, and there are three smaller versions including sizes suitable for tablets and mobiles. The older videos are still HD, sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality or better plus one smaller size. These are downloadable full scenes with good sound, and they are also available in the same sizes to stream, although I found the largest videos occasionally paused to buffer. Overall I was very pleased with the video experience here.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are good quality digital stills that, despite some confusion, are sized at 600x900, and are mostly well-lit, sharp and clear. The pics really deliver the models and the action, and the only complaint I have is that I downloaded some zip files that supposedly contained photos that were 1024 or 1600 on the larger sizes, and yet all the pics were 600x900 - go figure! Still, these are nicely shot pics with the features I like to see - downloadable zip files, slideshows and picture-to-picture navigation. You can also individually save only the photos you choose.

The network is clean and easy to use, and while there's no category list, all the episodes have clickable category tags, so finding what you want is easy. I was disappointed that the model index doesn't include model info or profiles, but at least having it means you can browse by model as well as by episode. There's also a calendar linked at the top of the pages that lets you browse previous updates by month and year.

There really wasn't much that I didn't like about Trans500. Yes, there are those non-subtitled Spanish-speaking videos, although others are subtitled or in English. And yes, I'd have liked to read about each model on her page. The warning page opens the site in a new window, which isn't a problem but seems unnecessary, and as already mentioned, the pic sizes are slightly exaggerated and sets with two sizes of zip file actually both contain the same size of pics. As is often the case on membership sites, the links to sex cams leads to a site where you can chat free but must pay for full nudity or action. But none of these are even close to being deal-breakers.

I really enjoyed Trans500 from the exclusive, good quality content to the gorgeous tgirls and hot sex including duos and threesomes (sometimes the trannies are on top) as well as sexy solos. Production values are high, there's plenty of variety and the content has loads of personality, too. There are 363 HD videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, and each comes with a good quality set of photos; there are at least two updates per week, often three and sometimes four are added. If you're looking for a variety of Latin, black, and white shemales who are glamorous, horny and love to fuck and show off, Trans500 is definitely a site worth checking out.

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