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Everyone who wants to get into porn has to decide whether they want to be a top or a bottom. For those who chose the top-only road, they'll reach a point in their career where everyone wants to see them bottom. Top to Bottom is a site that shows us what happens when a top finally throws his legs in the air. Top to Bottom is a MEN.com site, so it's not a standalone, but it's a doorway into their network. The company has several of these theme entries, but once inside you get access to the entire network of MEN videos.

MEN is all about porn stars. The biggest, the hottest, your faves ... they've all filmed here. And the studio has many exclusives like Paddy O'Brian and Colby Jansen. Tony Paradise was the first top to bottom. He's a beefy, furry top who fucked his way through a number of the bottoms at MEN and then finally gave it up to Colby Jansen. British, gay-for-pay Paul Walker was next, then MEN scored big when they got British hunk Paddy O'Brian to give up his ass to Topher Di Maggio. Then Liam Magnuson and Colby Jansen (who deflowered Paradise), Dato Foland, Charlie Harding, and yes, Topher Di Maggio finally bottomed, too.

Each episode gives us a fun story line on how each top comes around to bottom for the first time. In the case of Charlie Harding, he and his lover have a fight because Scotty Rage wants to get into his lover's bum, but Charlie rebuffs him yet again. After a door-slamming, fuck-you fight, Charlie is left alone to contemplate his selfishness and decides that maybe he does have to start giving it up. With his lover off finding a piece of ass to fuck, Charlie finds Colby Jansen online. Colby is a beefy rugby player who is only too happy to show Charlie how to bottom.

There are 18 scenes assigned to the Top to Bottom brand, but members get access to a whopping 1,007 videos in the MEN network. You can download their MP4s in three different sizes: 480x272 (mobiles), 854x480, and 1280x720. You can also stream them on the site in a player at 960x540. If you opt for streaming, the playback is smooth and jumping ahead in a scene isn't a problem. If you're not sure about a scene, each episode offers a trailer you can watch before you decide to download or stream it. The videos are good to very good studio quality and there's no DRM on the site.

Thirteen episodes also give you a gallery of studio-quality digital stills with as many as 100 photos in each. You can view the pictures individually in thumbnail galleries or use their hands-free slide show, or you can download a zip file and look at them later.

When you join Top to Bottom, you're a MEN.com member, so you get access to their eight different brands: Big Dicks at School, Drill My Hole, Gods of Men, Men of UK, Str8 to Gay, Jizz Orgy, The Gay Office, and of course MEN.com itself. Any one of these sites gives you full access to the network. And whether each of these flavors updates weekly or not is irrelevant, MEN.com puts up a new video each and every day. Could you ask for more than that? There's also behind-the-scenes vids.

My main complaint about Top to Bottom is that it doesn't update very often, the site only added two new scenes in 2015, one with Will Braun, the other will Adam Bryant. But you still get access to the whole network. When you join the site you'll want to pay attention to the join page because they do have a pre-checked offer for another site. If you don't want it, simply uncheck it, but it's easy to miss, so I wanted to let you know about it. My other gripe about MEN is trivial. I don't like "put his dick in your mouth and smile for the camera" type of photos, and MEN does a lot of that. I prefer the more candid, in-the-moment shots, which they feature as well.

Truthfully, I think Top to Bottom was a great idea for a theme, but MEN has been dropping the ball on it with only two new scenes in the past year. So with 18 videos, what you see is what you get as far as this theme goes, but as I've said previously, Top to Bottom is only a doorway site to get you into the MEN network. You couldn't possibly begin to scratch the surface of this network in a month, there's just too much to see here. It's a monster site with a lot of horny porn stars and hot sex. You really can't go wrong here.

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