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Top Alpha Men features sexy guys, and the action doesn't look like lots plain old suck and fuck. The guys like to play around and explore new things, and some like to get a little rough. Most of the performers are porn regulars in their early to mid-twenties: Liam Harkmoore, Doug Acre, Jacques Lavere, Trevor Spade and real-life lovers Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris. They're largely smooth with slender bodies; some wear tattoos and others don't. There are a few others like Sean Duran, Angel Rock, Hunter Vance and Eddie Cambio who are a little older, but probably still in their late twenties, and they sport more muscular bodies.

There are six solo scenes here with guys stroking their dicks, but a couple of them also play with small dildos. And one guy starts off in a solo session playing with his boyfriend's glass dildo, and when caught his boyfriend punishes him with a long, double-headed dildo he had hiding under the pillow. In one threeway a guy sucks off his two buddies; in another the trio jack off and cum all over a glass coffee table; in a third, after some fucking, one guy makes the others share a double-headed dildo.

There's a fourway that starts off as a naked game of Twister - you fall down, you lose an article of clothing - and it ends with an orgy of dick sucking on the couch. The rest of the scenes are duos with the guys sucking and fucking and a few also have some dildo action. One straight guy is frustrated because his girlfriend won't take it up the ass, so his gay friend offers his butt and gets fucked with his hands cuffed behind his back. And there's a bit of BDSM play too; one stud is strapped to a chair and whacked with a leather strap and forced to sit on a dildo, and another guy is bent over his bed and gets his ass paddled and dildo fucked. Oddly in one 25-minute long scene three guys play strip dice and never suck, fuck or jerk off - perhaps there will be a part 2 with some sex.

There are 28 videos offered in four resolutions of MP4: 1920x1080 (super HD), 1280x720 (HD), 960x540 (standard) and 848x480 (mobile). Unfortunately the only way to download them is to begin playing them in the page's embedded video player or by selecting one of the sizes and playing them in the pop-up player. Once the video starts, you can right-click and download it or continue watching it. And if you choose to stream the vids, they play at 630x358 (super HD and HD), 540x360 (standard) and 434x290 (mobile). There are also 10 behind-the-scenes videos with outtakes or showing the guys showering up after their scenes.

There are 27 picture sets, as well (one of the videos didn't have a gallery), and I noticed a couple of the others didn't match the action in their accompanying video. The 27 galleries are arranged with thumbnails from every photo set running down one very long page and you can click any picture to enlarge it in a pop-up, either 292x440 for portrait or 660x440 for landscape. You can save the pictures individually, and these are offered at a massively huge 3632x5456. There are no downloadable zip files or slideshows.

Top Alpha Men has no dates on their updates nor is there a listed schedule, but while the videos aren't dated, there have only been 5 videos added in the last 2 1/2 months. I'm not sure whether this means the site has stopped updating or if they're adding 2 videos per month, but I'll check back.

There are a couple of other problems I need to tell you about. The videos play smoothly on the site, but when trying to fast forward, the larger vids often stall, so it's better download the movie and watch on your harddrive. The downloaded pictures are too big to enjoy - you can't look at a 3632x5456 picture without scrolling or resizing it - and it's funny because the site did watermark them, so they could have easily resized them so they fit better on the computer screen. And I really wish the thumbs for every picture set weren't displayed on a single page - hey, the videos are listed 4 to a page, so why not do the same for the galleries?

I appreciate that Top Alpha Men put some imagination into the scenes so we weren't just watching two guys fucking on a bed like we see on a lot of sites. One scene had a guy sucking off two buddies, another got strapped and dildo fucked, and another guy showed a straight first-timer how good guy's mouth feels. The site has averaged 2 new videos per month, but beside the lack of update dates, there are only a few minor issues, and I wouldn't consider these deal breakers. And the action here is hot and horny enough to keep you happy during your month-long membership.

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