Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Ton Online features Ton, a twink who's been around the web for a while, and who's into a variety of fetishes and kink. The tour shows him giving himself a milk enema, covering himself with whipped cream, pissing, tied, being paddled, covered with hot candle wax and more. Most of the action seems to be solo, although the spanking and hot wax sessions do include another person. The site promises 1080P HD videos, no spam or pop-ups and regular updates. Ready to learn more? Then join me for a look at the Ton Online member area.

The member home page is pretty simple - the navigation bar is near the top, a welcome, latest video and pic updates below. There are no banners, ads of misleading links, and there's a contact link at the top of the page and a billing support link on the bottom. The welcome says that the site updates twice a week, but that's a bit misleading as there's a video update each Sunday and a pic set added on Wednesday. The site is pretty new, and currently offers 19 videos and 19 photo sets. You can get back to the member home page from any page in the site by clicking the LATEST NEWS & UPDATES link at the upper left corner of the page.

The Ton Online videos are offered in several formats - downloadable WMV, MP4 and 3GP plus downloadable and streaming Flash. The biggest and best quality videos are the WMVs, which are shown in HD with a screen size of 1920x1080 and bitrate of over 6 Mbps at mostly very good quality. These are already full screen for many users, and are not only sharp and clear but also play smoothly.

The downloadable Flash videos are shown at 1280x720 at a bitrate over 2 Mbps, and they look pretty good, although not as good as the WMVs. The MP4's are shown at 480x320 at fairly good quality and the 3GPs at 320x180 at below average quality. For those who prefer to stream rather than download, the streaming Flash vids are shown at 960x540 at average quality or better. All the videos are full scenes and none use DRM, however the MP4s didn't play the video in my iPod Touch - only the sound and a green screen.

The pics here are probably vidcaps, but since the videos they're taken from are good quality, they're better quality than most vidcaps. Shown at 1920x1080, there are at least 100 pics in each set, and mostly over 150. The pics show the action pretty well, although sometimes I'd like to see more closeups. While there are no slideshows or zip files available, you can download each photo separately.

Ton Online members get access to a collection of 20 gay and 3 straight bonus sites from the same network. There are some interesting fetishes, including a gay piss site and both a straight and a gay medical fetish site. Some of the sites are pretty small, including another site featuring Ton, this time in hardcore action.

The site does have a couple issues worth mentioning. First is that there's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, so you may want to read it before joining to see if it's of interest. Another thing may not exactly be an issue, but the download speeds here are a little below average - I wouldn't mention it but for two things: On my 10 Mbps cable some of the videos took 45 minutes or more to download, and the tour offers "MAXIMUM SPEED". To be fair, a lot of the videos here are over a gig, some way over, but still 300k or so isn't very fast when it comes to downloading HD videos.

Ton of Ton Online is cute, horny and definitely kinky. He's into enemas, pissing, bondage, CBT, having various things in his ass from candy to bananas and covering his body with chocolate spread. His 19 videos are very good quality, downloadable and DRM-free, and the 19 photo sets (while vidcaps) are pretty good stuff, and the site updates with 1 video and 1 pic set each week.

The site offers plenty of bonus sites and easy navigation, although I did find the membership price pretty pricy considering the size of the site. Still, the videos are big and beautiful, and Ton is cute and kinky. If you're looking for a twink into all sorts of fetishes, why not check out Ton Online and see what you think?

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