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Tom "Ropes" McGurk is a director and BDSM producer from San Francisco who's been shooting gay BDSM sessions since 1986, and this eponymous site features videos spanning his entire filming career up to the present day. If you like bondage, BDSM and rough sex, you'll like what's on offer here. We haven't reviewed this site before, so let's get started.

You'll find all kinds of men here. First, McGurk has been filming both amateurs and porn regulars for 20 years, so you can imagine the variety of men. In older videos, I was thrilled to see porn favorites like Jason Branch, Blake Harper, Shane and Vince Rockland, Max Grand and Lance Gear. And in the newer productions, I saw porn hunks like Connor Maguire, Derrick Hanson, Leo Forte, Christian Wilde and muscle daddies Nick Moretti and Adam Herst.

There are also heaps of amateur guys here who appear to be in their twenties, with maybe a few in their early thirties, with body types ranging from slim and athletic to muscular. The guys are a mix of smooth and hairy, tattooed or not, some sport beards or other scruff and some clean shaven. And remember, there have been a lot of changes in manscaping trends over the past two decades, so expect hairy bushes as well as trimmed and shaved pubes.

The action is all over the map, too, but it falls into the BDSM and fetish arenas. "Caught in the Act" opens with slender and blond Brendan Forrest lying on a blanket in the woods and jacking his big uncut cock. Engrossed in his stroking, Brendan doesn't hear bearded Jason Miller creeping toward him, and when he does, it's too late. Miller pounces on the lad and leans his knee against his back, holding him down and tying his hands behind his back. All the while, Miller taunts and teases with all the things he's going to do to Brendan. The captor force feeds his cock down his captive's throat, then he chains Brendan to a tree like a dog and fucks his ass.

There's lots of different kinds of kinky action here, so much that it's impossible to cover it all. Bondage and confinement play heavily in all of the scenes with these slave boys being tied with rope or restrained with chain, and some are even locked up in cages. Lots of the subs wear leather collars and some wear masks. The guys are beaten with paddles, belts, whips, canes and riding crops; many are ordered to suck their Master's dicks, and some get their asses fucked with cocks or dildos. One scene has a Master shaving his slave's head before fucking him, another Dom drills his slave in a leather sling, and a third put his sub in wooden stockades before screwing him. All the while, these slaves are verbally abused and given harsh orders.

The 310 videos are placed into three sections. New Releases has 82 videos with titles like "Learn Your Lesson" and "Ritchie Finally Submits". Classic Titles is where you'll find 58 of McGurk's oldest productions that were shot on film including "Obedience Lesson" and "Serving Two Masters". And Uncensored has 170 harder BDSM scenes with titles like "No Safeword" and "Harder Sir". The videos are offered in streaming MP4 format and play in a variety of sizes with the newest vids shown at 1168x660 and early ones sized at 872x660, but there may be other sizes, too. I tried the videos on a couple mobile devices and they played fine for me, and look good on smaller screens like phones or smaller tablets.

These are homemade productions so don't expect studio quality. The videos have a gritty and edgy feel, and as many are filmed in dungeons and dark playrooms, the lighting varies, although I didn't have any problem seeing the action. Video quality is all over the map, mainly due to the variety of film equipment used throughout McGurk's 20-year career, but even some of the newer productions can lack sharpness or be plagued with interlacing, which is disappointing. And while there are videos available for download, they cost extra.

It seems that each session has a picture gallery with between 20 and 50 pics each, but I wasn't able to check every video. Some picture sets feature cropped screencaps at around 400x500 while others have digital stills at around 683x1024 (many seem to be slightly cropped to different shapes). The photos are arranged in thumbnail galleries with forward and back controls, but there are no slideshows. You can save the pictures individually but there are no zip downloads.

The site could use an overhaul so that it's organized better. For instance, when watching Christian Wilde in "Interview" I wanted to download it, and there's a note on the episode page saying "you can download or stream this movie right now" but there's no download link. Instead, I had to dig around the download store, then decide whether I wanted to buy the download or DVD and have it shipped to me. I ran into other navigation issues, as well, but always found my way to what I was looking for.

The other thing that's might be confusing is that you can purchase a monthly membership that gives you unlimited streaming or you can buy packages of minutes and stream the videos you want and redeem your minutes, but this will get expensive if you're a heavy user. And of course, there's the option of paying for downloads or DVDs.

There are a few other drawbacks. First, only the two most recent updates are dated (and only on the tour). From those dates, the site seems to be updating twice a month, but it could add different amounts of videos (or even none at all) some months. Something did give me pause, however: both Nick Moretti and Adam Herst are in the New Release session, but neither has made a video in years, so the updates may not be recently produced, although I'm not sure that really matters if they're newly released on the site. The info given about McGurk himself on the site is minimal, but if you scroll down the page, you'll find link to a PDF containing his entire memoir.

Tom Ropes McGurk features lots of horny BDSM and fetish sex with slave boys and subs being trained and punished in both dungeons and playrooms, and there are some outdoor and bedroom scenes, too. Most of the sessions are creative, fun and nasty with subs being bound and used by their Masters and serving them in whatever kinky ways they command. The 310 exclusive videos span McGurk's 20 years of filming. While the site could be better organized and the videos could be better quality, whether you love amateur BDSM or you're fan of McGurk's work, you'll want to take a look at his site.

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