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Tobii Chase is a black amateur porn performer with a hard, slender body who says he has 8 1/2 inches of cock and who calls himself 'Florida's Finest Male Entertainer'. He stars in this website, although the site features as other performers in solo and interracial action, as well. Upon entering the tour, you can see Tobii front and center in all his glory. The site doesn't tell us much or give any specifics like an update schedule or amount of videos, but I'm a fan of amateur content so I'm off to the member area to find out more about Tobii Chase!

The member area is simple. On the right are three thumbnails labeled 'pictures', 'videos' and 'the backroom'. There are links on the left side of the page including a very handy search link, although I did find one annoyance - the links to the home page lead to the tour. The latest updates are in the sections that have the word 'new' underneath them, although only the videos have dates attached to each film. The updates are inconsistent. There are dates on the main videos and the videos in the backroom, but there doesn't seem to be a pattern as to when new vids are added. There may be 2 videos added on a single day, or no videos added for 11 days or more, then updates added 5 days apart.

There are 89 videos available in a wide range of niches from solo to interracial to trannie sex to piss. The videos are not offered for download, although I did manage to download a couple.. The vids are WMVs shown in different sizes and bitrates: 320 x 240, with the bitrates from around 340 Kbps to 802 Kbps; 428 x 240 with a bitrate of 512 Kbps; and 640 x 480, with an approximate bitrate range of 1.17 Mbps to 1.98 Mbps. However, each video is only offered in one size and starts to load as soon as you go to the page. The vids are average quality full scenes with a homemade look. Not only the performers seem to be amateurs, as the videography including amateur lighting with the sound quality being only fair. No DRM is used.

There are currently 69 photo galleries, about half of those galleries featuring Tobii in various stages of solo nakedness. The other half features other models in solo and interracial action. The photos are actually digital stills in two sizes, 480 x 360 and 480 x 640, with the quality being average. The pic sets are small, each photo gallery consists of around 6 to 17 images each. Unlike the video section, none of the photo galleries are dated, so the user has no idea how often or when the pics section is updated.

Since it is his site, it's no surprise that Tobii Chase is featured quite prominently in the picture section and in some of the videos. He's slender and has some body hair and an attractive face. The site doesn't really tell us much about him or what his connection is to the shoots he doesn't appear in, but most of the models look like true amateurs. Besides gay action, there are a handful of trannie performers featured in hardcore sets with guys. There is a lot of interracial action, solo sets, and even piss videos. Besides being amateur, there didn't seem to be a thread between the various niches, but perhaps the models are all friends of Tobii's.

In addition to the regular video section, the site includes a section called 'the backroom. Why these videos are not in the video section is unclear, as there is no text describing what this page is all about. It offers members an additional nine videos and one photo gallery, and the content seems to be the same type of stuff offered in the other sections of the site. Because of this, I don't really consider it bonus content so much as being an extension of the other sections.

As mentioned already, the site does have some issues. Updates are inconsistent, and there are no dates attached to any of the photo galleries. The videos are not offered for download, and the pic sets sometimes offer only a few picsl. But what was really missing for me was knowing more about the models, the site and Tobii himself - although the site is named after Tobii, we don't really know if it's his own site or anything else. In short, although this site features a particular person, it has no personality.

Tobii Chase is slender and black with a great ass, nice cock and somewhat hairy body. He's featured in maybe half the content, which includes both solo and interracial action, with some shemales thrown in the mix. The site offers 89 videos and 69 photo galleries, and the videos are not offered for download. Updates are inconsistent, and there doesnt seem to be any set schedule, but most updates happen anywhere from 5 to over 20 days apart. If you're looking for homemade amateur content, and plenty of black cock, interracial and shemale sex, Tobii Chase is worth checking out.

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