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If you like nasty piggy sex, Titan Rough brings Titan Men's darker and extreme hardcore fetish sex into one dirty site. There are 28 DVDs under the Titan Rough brand, and they feature extreme ass play, BDSM, piss play, and other kinds of hardcore fetish action. And while members get access to the whole Titan Men empire, fetish fans will like that these dirtier videos are all located in one place. It's been a couple of years since our last review, so lets see what's been happening.

The men are well-known porn stars and Titan Men discoveries, and they're the cream of the crop - handsome, masculine hunks in their 20s, 30s and 40s with muscular and gym-fit bodies. Titan Men has never been afraid of body hair, so you'll find plenty of furry men here, and also lots of moustaches, goatees, beards, and face scruff. There's such a delicious variety of bald men, muscle hunks, tattooed men, burly muscle bears, daddies and handsome studs. Titan Men has a stable of exclusive men like Jesse Jackman, Hunter Marx, and Nick Prescott, but they also bring in other well-known porn hunks so the scenes are always fresh and hot.

Titan Men has never shied away from rougher sex, edgy scenes with men getting fucked with giant dildos or fisting, lots of piss play, as well as bondage, corporal punishment, flogging, boot licking and polishing, spitting, sounding, hot wax, puppy play, abductions, cock pumping - the list is almost endless. And you'll find leather men, cops, soldiers, prison inmates, and whatever else they can dream up.

One of the latest Titan Rough DVDs, called "Hard Play," has a nice variety of action. Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion are in a puppy play scene where they wear dog masks and puppy tails in their asses and sniff one other before Aleks asserts his dominance over the younger pup and gets his dick sucked, then he fucks Tony on the floor. In another scene, Matt Stevens shaves Dirk Caber's head with a pair of clippers, then shaving cream and a blade, then he bends over and gets fucked by the sexy daddy. And the final scene has Byron Saint lying back in a sling while Jed Athens fists him.

There are 324 videos on Titan Rough; 102 of them are Titan Men exclusive productions, and the remaining 222 videos are a part of a content-sharing deal bringing in more fetish scenes from other studios like Raging Stallion Studios and MSR Video. The videos are offered in streaming MP4 format and play in two main sizes: 920x720 (older) or 960x540 (newer), and you can choose from 3 to 5 different speeds depending on the age of the video. (Each speed improves the picture quality but doesn't change the playback size.) The streaming is top notch, playing smoothly with good sound, although the older videos' quality isn't as crisp as the newest vids. When watching the highest-quality HD videos, full-screen mode offers good results. The site has a responsive design, so it fares well on mobiles and hand-held devices.

Titan Rough now offers downloadable videos that play at 848x480 (newer) and 640x480 (older); these are not unlimited but based on your membership duration. If you're a new member, you can download 4 videos in your first month, in months 2 and 3 you get 8 downloads, months 4 to 6 give you a dozen and so on. If you remain a member for a year you can download 20 videos a month, but it's important to remember that these quotas don't roll over from month to month, so use them or lose them.

There are 73 galleries of pictures offering either good quality digital stills or screencaps of the models and the action. The pictures come in various sizes from 1060x1600 to 1280x1920, and you can view them in galleries or download zip files offering small, medium and large sizes, although there's no slideshow feature.

When we last reviewed the site they were adding one full exclusive scene every week, but they haven't added an actual Titan Rough video since the end of May 2015, and after emailing them, they confirmed that they are no longer producing content for Titan Rough. The good news is that your membership includes access to Titan Men, which updates weekly and offers well over 1,600 videos; as well you get access to Joe Gage Men, which offers a new DVD a couple of times a year, and Titan Fresh, a line of DVDs featuring Euro studs and hunks which is no longer in production.

When joining Titan Rough, keep in mind that a lot of tour claims like 3,000 scenes and weekly updates pertain to the whole Titan Men empire and not this one site in particular. As well, they claim to offer unlimited HD streaming which isn't the case since their early videos aren't available in HD. And as I've already mentioned, the site itself is no longer updating.

Titan Rough bring us the same hot, masculine men we're used to seeing from Titan Men, but in dungeon and dirty playroom scenarios with lots of rough and edgy action. I loved that puppy play scene with Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion; I had heard about these kinds of sessions, but had never seen one, so that was fun to watch. But there's a lot of nastier and rougher stuff including extreme bondage and ass play, corporal punishment, electro, domination, boot blacking, and lots more. However, most of the more recent videos focus on fisting and piss play. Titan Rough offers a good collection of nasty stuff and there's plenty to watch for the duration of your membership, so you should have a dirty good time.

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