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If you've been hanging around Pornland for a few years, you've probably heard the name Tiger Tyson. He got his start in gay porn in 1997 after doing a 14-month stint in jail. A couple of years later, "Tigers' Brooklyn Tales" really launched his career. He retired briefly in 1999, then staged a comeback in 2000 when he started his own production company, Tiger Tyson Productions. His second company, Pitbull Productions, filmed mostly in 2004 and 2005, but there was one release in 2009.

Tiger Tyson is black and Puerto Rican and was born in Brooklyn, New York. He identifies as bisexual and only tops. "If I was to bottom it would be the last thing I do before I retire," he says on his site. He's reported to have a 9.5-inch cock and says, "If the sex is hot, it's capable of growing another inch." Ha!

There are 28 videos on the site that showcase Tiger Tyson himself, but there are many more featuring other black studs, and there are a fair number of Latinos, as well as some white guys. Most of the men are black and range throughout their twenties, although there may be a few in their early thirties. Sporting a mix of slender, athletic and muscled bodies, the guys are mostly smooth, but many wear face scruff and some are heavily inked. The guys sport short hair or shaved heads as well as cornrows. I didn't see any dreads, but I saw one Afro, and there are plenty of baseball caps and do-rags. But I wouldn't say most of the guys here fit into the thug niche, just lots of regular guys who like sucking and fucking. I only recognized a couple of performers - Marc Williams and Supreme - but there could be other familiar faces.

There are 24 videos featuring guys jacking off and unloading their nuts; the rest of the scenes give us horny guys sucking and fucking in duos and a good number of threeways. The action takes place in homelike settings - bedrooms and living rooms - but a dozen took the men outdoors. There are also a handful of scenes filmed in gyms, bars, locker rooms, and there's even one glory hole session. You'll find lots of black-on-black action, but Latino and white guys play with these black dudes in interracial scenes as well.

There are 165 videos inside Tiger Tyson, and they're available in streaming Flash and play at 560x418. They're amateur productions and many of them are more than five years old, so don't expect modern quality. Most played well, but others had interlacing (scanlines across the pictures) and poor sound, and they don't fare so well at full-screen mode. Downloadable videos aren't offered here. Each episode has a few pictures, anywhere from five to nine, and these are a mix of screencaps and digital stills. You can save them individually, but there's no zip files nor is there a slideshow.

The "newest update" on Tiger Tyson is dated June 29, 2013, so it's safe to assume that the site isn't adding any new content. The tour does say it's updating weekly, but this clearly isn't true. As well, the latest 45 videos added to the site didn't even feature Tiger Tyson; most of the videos don't actually. As mentioned earlier, only 28 of the sites 165 videos star the man himself.

There are a couple of other drawbacks with Tiger Tyson. The site's "Movie of the Day" feature offered daily videos pulled in from another site, but this no longer works. The tour also claims to have live chat, but this amounts to a pop-up on the tour that takes you to another site where you have to purchase credits to see much of anything; there is no live chat inside the members area. Finally, four of the videos had broken thumbnails, but the links still took me inside to working videos.

If you're a Tiger Tyson fan, his site will give you 28 of his own scenes and several dozen others. Considering these videos were produced five years ago or more, they hold up pretty well. With a 9-inch cock and the stamina of a pack mule, Tyson was a favorite among bottoms looking to get their asses serviced. There's a good selection of other men and videos here, but as the site isn't updating any longer, your stay will be brief. Still, there's plenty here to keep you stroking for your month-long membership.

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