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Bondage enthusiast TieGuyUK explores his kink on his site by the same name. It started as a hobby born out of his frustration with only finding BDSM-style bondage, stuff to which he couldn't relate. He adds further, "I couldn't care less how a rope harness is done properly and have no interest in finding out." TieGuyUK simply enjoys tying guys up, watching them struggle, and teasing them in various way.

The site features guys in their early to mid twenties, a mix of regular lads that you'd see out having a pint with their buddies and sportsmen you might see playing a game of soccer. Some are athletic, others look like trouble-making punks or scallies, and a few are still boyishly cute - almost twinks but not quite. It's hard to give an accurate sense of their bodies because there's no full nudity, but the guys are in shape some with slender or gym-fit bodies while others are a little more beefy. Each guy identifies himself as gay, bisexual, or straight in his bio, along with his age, height, shoe size, and location.

TieGuyUK likes the guys in regular clothes or sportswear - there's absolutely no rubber or leather. He uses duct tape or sock gags only, and often tapes both mouths and eyes. Sometimes he uses wooden stocks or spreader bars for both hands and feet, but mostly he uses lots of rope and tape, occasionally a strait jacket or plastic wrap. While there's no full nudity, bare cocks or sex, there's plenty of titillation here. One bound and blindfolded guy gets his hard-on teased with a vibrator through his underwear and another guy tied to the bedposts moans and writhes when TieGuyUK turns on his vibrating cockring. TieGuyUK also enjoys tickling, mostly the teasing finger scratches or finger walks across sensitive skin, but there are a few gut-busting sessions, too.

JD is a cute soccer lad wearing his sports kit - shirt, shorts, knee-high athletic socks and dirty sneakers - and he's wearing a metal collar and arm spreader with his hands locked at each end. A short length of rope through the collar pulls his bent legs toward his chest exposing the undersides of his thighs. With his mouth taped, JD struggles on the floor, then TieGuyUK slips his hand inside JD's shorts and gropes his hard-on.

Good-looking and blond Max lies on a bed with his hands roped to the headboard, his mouth is taped and he's wearing his clothes. With his shirt riding up his belly, Max's smooth bare skin is exposed and his erection bulges in his sweat pants; TieGuyUK gropes it before cutting off Max's pants with scissors. He grabs Max's boner through his white briefs, then cuts off Max's t-shirt to reveal his smooth torso. He lightly tickles Max's smooth underarm before finally cutting open Max's underwear and uncovering his pubic hair. By this point I was desperate to see the lad's stiff cock, but TieGuyUK only trails his fingers over it straining in his shredded briefs.

There are 50 bondage sessions in a section called Double Trouble that feature two guys tied up in close proximity to each other, but often they're tied together. Two guys in underwear are duct taped together back to back; two others in briefs are tied with rope and laid face down on a bed, then they writhe their way into a 69 position and nuzzle each other's bulges; and two guys in shorts with their hands tied behind their back are put in the shower and "kiss" with their duct taped mouths.

The site offers 64 streaming videos in MP4 format, and most of these play at 640x360, but a few are sized at 852x480. The videos are crisp with fairly good lighting and sound. The videos play well and they're short, usually under five minutes. The videos aren't offered for download. There are an additional 60 videos found under TieGuy Classics and these are older videos playing at 640x480. They aren't quite as crisp as the newer ones, but they're still pretty good.

TieGuyUK is mostly a picture site with thousands of digital stills that you'll find in four sections. Galleries features 52 guys with the largest number of galleries. Some of the guys have four or six galleries and a few as many 16, so it's not easy to give you a total. Double Trouble has 50 galleries featuring bondage sessions with two guys in each. Contributors Corner has 45 members featured in their own galleries with four to over a dozen picture sets or more. And there are still more pictures under Loose Ends, which features guys who didn't have enough galleries to warrant their own page. The pictures are digital stills and display at 600x800 in a slider, but there's no hands-free slideshow function. There are anywhere from 20 pictures up to 100 in each gallery, but the contributor photos tend to offer lots of similar poses.

The site updates every Friday, sometimes with a gallery or a video and sometimes with both. In February, the site added two picture galleries, one video and two combos with pictures and video. March saw the same update configuration, but there was an extra picture gallery.

I didn't really have many problems with TieGuyUK. The site is well designed and focuses on the content, not bells and whistles, and it was easy to get around. Some may have issues with the site not offering downloadable videos, but I'm not a video collector, so it didn't bother me. I guess my biggest complaint is that an update is often just a gallery of pictures, but the site owner says upfront that TieGuyUK is mainly a picture site, and regardless, a membership is not expensive. One other thing worth mentioning is that a non-recurring monthly membership costs $13 more than a recurring monthly.

I liked TieGuyUK a lot. Seeing these young 20-something lads bound, struggling and rolling around was a turn-on. Not seeing their cocks, and knowing from the start that I wasn't going to, added even more to the excitement. I was grateful for the glimpses of skin or a treasure trail or even a stiff cock bulging in a tight pair of underwear. And it was fun watching these sessions without all the accoutrement and posturing of heavy S&M or dungeon scenes, TieGuyUK preserves bondage in his purest form - it really is a treasure for enthusiasts.

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