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Thunder TV Wrestling is the member site version of Thunders Arena Wrestling, a site with a mission. They focus on real guys doing actual wrestling on the mat rather than on "crazy characters, long screaming mic interviews, boring plots, and very little mat wrestling." These are college athletes in their twenties with builds ranging from slim and wiry to muscled and beefy, and they seem to love wrestling as well as being in front of the camera. You'll find some hairy guys, others who are smooth, and some have tattoos as well. Some of the wrestlers have won awards and a couple of the guys have gone on to do gay porn. There is a single female wrestler on the site who appears in a match with her boyfriend, a popular performer called Specimen.

The wrestling matches here aren't just serious technical wrestling - there's playfulness and homo-eroticism in the videos as well. In Bear vs Logan No Holds Barred, huge muscle man Bear makes the smaller Logan worship his hairy, muscular body with plenty of touching, and when Logan is ahead, he makes Bear smell his sweaty armpits. In the humorous Chaos Christmas 2014, two wrestlers fight over whether the tree should have pink lights, and a brief verbal disagreement leads to submission wrestling including crotch punching (this episode is billed as the Ultimate Nutcracker Match) that leaves both men groaning and gasping. The grand finale finds the loser tied up in Christmas lights and humiliated as he's decorated with candy canes for a very seasonal ending.

Thunder TV Wrestling lists 50 videos but 4 of these are interviews, 2 are blooper reels, and 1 is a trailer. These are streaming videos that display at about 768x480, but part of that is the watermark below the video; the actual video image is sized at 768x430. Most of the videos are offered in what the site refers to as HD and SD, but while both vids are offered at the same screen size, the SD quality isn't too great - stick with the HD unless you're on a very slow connection. By the way, I was unable to tell what format the videos were, but they played for me smoothly in several browsers and had good sound. The production values are good amateur to semi-pro, although in many cases it's obvious that the camera is hand-held due to a little lack of stability.

There are also 346 picture sets. The newer sets contain good amateur quality digital stills shown at 797x1200, the older sized at anywhere from from 640x640 to about 800x1200 at amateur quality or better. Some of the older pics are better-than-average quality screencaps taken from Thunders Arena videos, some from matches both indoors and out, some showing the athletes posing. There are no slideshows or zip files, but the pictures can be individually downloaded.

When it comes to updates, it's hard to say exactly when they occur, but judging by the dates of the member comments, the site adds a new video once or twice a month.

Now let's talk about issues. For me, the biggest disappointment is that the videos aren't offered for download - the DOWNLOAD link leads to the site selling DVDs and downloads. The BONUS link doesn't lead to bonuses; instead it leads to the member home page. Also apparently the site used to offer live shows, but the "next" live show is offered October 25th, and since it's now January 2015, it appears that the live shows have been discontinued. Disappointingly there were no live show archives.

Thunder TV Wrestling is all about wrestling - real wrestling - including guys getting macho and sweaty together, as well as some gay play that doesn't cross the line to actual sex. The 49 streaming videos show off the performers' personalities as well as their bodies and the wrestling, and the site seems to update at least once a month. What you won't find here is what I see on most other wrestling member sites - here the loser doesn't get fucked, although he may be humiliated. The action is enjoyable, includes wrestling and submission, and if college age guys wearing trunks and grappling together sounds good, Thunder TV Wrestling is definitely worth a visit.

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