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Entertainment West Studios' member site, Thug Seduction, focuses on hot black hunks and big-dicked street thugs. The performers are ebony studs as well as some dark-skinned Latinos with chiseled and slender or muscular bodies, and they often have big juicy cocks, too. Many of the guys have a rough bad boy look with lots of tattoos, sagging pants, do-rags and over-sized baseball caps. Ages vary a bit, but the majority are between 18 and their early thirties. There's a variety of types here; you'll find guys from average to good looking including some handsome hunks. Some performers are big and muscled, others ripped and athletic, and there are also some who are slim, smooth and sometimes boyish.

The site offers a mix of hardcore duos and solo masturbation with a few threesomes, as well. The hardcore scenes including plenty of deep throat cock-sucking, studs sticking their tongues deep in tight asses and then fucking those black or Latin bubble butts including plenty of barebacking. There's also some kissing and 69 action, guys riding cocks and some messy facials. Some of the performers are manhandled in rough sex scenes, and let me tell you, some of those bottoms can really take a pounding. The solos feature plenty of stroking, and some of the more muscular men do a little flexing before they pull off their shorts and go to work on their ebony cocks.

Thug Seduction offers 204 exclusive, DRM-free videos. These are available in MP4 format, the newer downloadable versions available at 1280x720 plus several smaller sizes (some of the newest are sized up to 1920x1080). The older videos vary, some offered 1280x720 at good quality plus several smaller sizes, at least a couple are sized at a postage-stamp sized 192x144, and there may be other sizes, as well, but all videos have sizes for smaller mobiles. While many (particularly the newer videos) are fairly decent amateur to good quality, some of the videos are on the dark side or lack sharpness. There are also streaming versions of the videos available at similar qualities to the downloadable versions. 

There are also 185 picture sets; some are solo model sets while others are shot during the hardcore sessions. These are amateur to fairly good amateur quality; they're sized to fit your browser when viewing them on the site but offered in three sizes in the zip files, the largest pics sized at around 900x1600, although they're shown 682x1024 on the site. There are anywhere from two to over 50 pictures per set, mostly over 20 pics per set. Most of the episodes also come with a set of screencaps that can be useful if you want to preview the videos.

Now let's talk about updates. On our last visit, the site was adding two episodes each month, but so far this month (it's March 17, 2018), there's only been a trailer added, and each of the previous three months added a single update each month, and last month and the month before they only added a pic set each month, although the update three months ago was a video.

There are some more negatives. Let's begin with tour claims, some of which aren't accurate. For starters, they offer 100% exclusive content, but I found several videos watermarked to show they were from the studio's old site that no longer updates but is still around. The tour offers the "Largest pornstars portfolio", and while they do have 160 models listed, there are sites with more models out there, and at least some of the guys aren't porn stars so much as porn regulars and maybe some amateurs. Their promise of bi-weekly updates isn't being met. And someone doing the videos has slightly shaky hands, which I noticed more in some scenes than others.

And there's more. One of the videos is listed twice as two different updates - it's the very oldest video in 2008 and it was also added on 08/26/2009. Eight of the models are listed with a placeholder instead of a photo, although all the models have profiles. The videos can be browsed by DVD or as individual scenes, and some DVD pages list one of their scenes with two rows of errors or of place markers. The live show link leads to an empty page. Then there are those small older videos. And the Calendar page, where I'd have liked to see future updates listed only show previous updates.

The last thing I wanted to mention is the blog. It's still mostly announcements and ads for DVDs, but there are also several model profiles that are worth reading as the guys' profiles on the model pages could use some filling-in.

Thug Seduction offers some very horny black thugs, hunks and amateurs (a number of them with really big dicks), as well as some Latinos, and the action is hot with plenty of hard fucking (much of it bareback), lots of rimming and guys jerking their dicks. There are 204 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobiles, although the oldest videos are sometimes small, many of the vids are exclusive, mobile-compatible and DRM-free. In the past three months the site has added a trailer and two picture sets (one each month) but no full scenes, there's still a lot to see here. While there's room for improvement, Entertainment West Studios has enough ebony studs, gangstas and big black dick to keep members busy and horny.

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