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Thug Hunter is a reality porn site from the Big Daddy network featuring the typical reality set-up - the Thug Hunter and his camera guy search for black or Latin thugs in a bad part of town who are willing to have sex with a white guy, often in a public place, for cash. The action starts off on the street, in a parking lot and even in a lingerie store, and often continues there. What makes this site stand out is that the Thug Hunter and the camera man are white men in search of a black men, and a lot of the action is white-on-black rather than black-on-white interracial. The other thing that really stands out about this site for me is that there's a lot of public gay sex. We're talking about cock-sucking in a grocery store, fucking in a parking lot, plus sex in a laundromat, behind a car and so on.

Most of the thugs are light skinned black men or Blatino guys in their early twenties, and a lot of them have the sound and the attitude down. They're a mix of athletic and more muscled studs, often with very short hair, corn rows or shaved heads that may start off hidden with a baseball cap. Expect tattoos, great asses and plenty of ebony guys flipping off the camera before taking a cock up their ass for cash. The white guys are also a mix of athletic and gym-built bodies - some are well-hung, and it's obvious they've got a taste for some thug ass.

Thug Hunter offers 58 videos which are available in DRM-free MP4 format. The downloadable vids are offered at 1280x720 at good amateur quality plus two smaller sizes that are good for most mobiles. The videos are full scenes, plus there's decent streaming versions available. Sound is pretty good considering a lot of what happens is outdoors where there's traffic noise. Here's a handy hint if you're going to stream the videos - there are two animated ads to the right of the player, but if you click "Screen" on the right side directly under the player and choose M (for medium, I'm guessing), the player enlarges, and the annoying ads disappear so you can focus on your porn.

Each episode comes with two sets of pics. There's a set of good amateur quality digital stills that are sized at between 800x533 and 2000x1333, although they are shown smaller on the page. There's also a set of screencaps, which aren't bad for screencaps, and are shown at 720x406. The sets are good-sized, most with over 200 photos, and that can lead to some repetitious shots, but overall I like the photos. The pictures can be downloaded in zip files or each pic can be saved individually.

Full members get access to 5 bonus sites from the Big Daddy network, so expect more gay reality porn. There's porn auditions and raw sex at Bareback Casting, more public sex at Out In Public, big dick sex at Its Gonna Hurt, straight guys getting sucked at Ungloryhole plus more. All the sites offer videos that you can download, stream or watch on your mobiles, and while none of the sites update any longer, the network has over 900 videos, enough to keep you busy for a couple months.

Now let's talk about issues. First off, like the rest of the network, Thug Hunter no longer updates. Next is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second recurring site membership when you join this site. Trial members pay $20 more for their recurring months than regular monthly members do, and there's a good chance trial members get limited access. In addition, there's a pre-checked offer for existing members if they try to log in via the join page that will sign them up for another site even though they're not joining anything, and if you log in through the regular member entrance, you'll find yourself on a full page ad with a tiny link to enter the site.

We've already mentioned the large ads to the right of the videos; when you log in, you'll find yourself on a page with three large ads that run all the way across the top of the page. Below them are large thumbs and links, and while some of those are bonus sites, some are sites you have to pay to access, and one is a link to a third-party live cam site. Also worth mentioning is that all the videos list a 1920x1080 size, but there are no 1920x1080 videos - these lead to 1280x720 vids.

Thug Hunter delivers hot interracial porn. The white guys find black or Blatino guys to fuck in public, so the thugs are the bottoms. The 58 exclusive videos can be downloaded, streamed or watched on your mobile, and each comes with two sets of pics. I was disappointed that this site stopped updating, but full members get access to a network of bonus reality porn sites from the same studio, and while none of the sites update, there are over 900 videos total. Still, I like Thug Hunter's good quality downloadable vidoes, the street pickups and those black thugs sucking white dick and getting fucked.

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