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The Male Form stands out from most sites, offering men from masculine to gorgeous in magazine-quality photographs. There's a mix of athletes, hunks, and muscle men - expect handsome faces and plenty of full-frontal nudity. But there are also some hunky daddies, slim guys, and even a few twinks. This isn't a porn site so much as a mix of erotic photography and art nudes that are sure to make your mouth water. The site is the creation of photographer Dylan Rosser; he shoots the majority of the men with vision and heat, but you'll find the work of other creative and professional erotic male photographers as well, including some whose work has appeared in magazines, shows, and books.

Most of the models inside the site are hunks, but not every guy is the same. There are smooth guys, hairy men, masculine men, and men who look like magazine models. Some are bodybuilders, while others are defined and lean and yet others are well built but not as big, plus some rough, masculine tattooed men, and guys who look like they're posing for the cover of a romance novel. Expect a mix of cut and uncut cocks, tattooed men, and clean-cut, all-American types. There's lots of models with unshaven pubic hair, as well as some who are shaved smooth. You'll also find some duos and trios, as well as gay porn stars including Adam Killian. Every man is perfectly captured, and all but a few of the oldest sets show full frontal nudity. The photography and lighting are worthy of the subjects, too - the pics show off the men to perfection.

The Male Form has grown, now offering 392 models. Each performer has at least one picture set, and some have two or more, although multiple picture sets are presented on a single gallery page, so while there are 392 gallery pages, there are over 425 picture sets. These aren't huge sets - most are a carefully chosen group of five to just over 20 photos, sometimes with some pics shown in both color and black and white - although I did find some sets with lots more photos. The pics on each model's page aren't clickable; they're shown full size with the newer sets offering pics at 739x1076, while the older pics may display at a smaller size, but all pics are very good quality. There's no blurring, graininess or white balance issues. There's also no slideshows or zip files.

While the site has no videos of its own, there's a section from Bel Ami. This section only offers one video at a time, but each week there's a new one to watch. You can expect ads for Bel Ami on the page, but I did like this week's video; it featured a gorgeous Czech jock with a ripped body and a big uncut cock.

After years of adding hot guys every month, The Male Form has just discontinued their updates. That being said, they're being very honest about it - they explain on the join page and the members home page that the site is no longer adding new content. I'd have liked to see profiles of the models; for that matter, when there are several guys with the same name, a last initial would be helpful. Adam Killian, for example, is one of several Adams listed, and there's no mention that he's a very well-known porn star. I'd also liked to have seen categories for the models like hairy, uncut, over 40, and so on; as it is, you can only browse the models alphabetically. And there are some large watermarks, but I didn't find they got in the way of the subjects.

The Male Form delivers some of the hottest men in beautifully shot pics worthy of being in a magazine or framed and hung on a wall. If you're into men with well-muscled physiques and handsome faces who are perfectly lit and completely sexy, this is where you'll find them. Not all the guys are perfect, but even the regular guy types are built. While this isn't porn, it's erotic, sexy, and there's plenty of cocks (both cut and uncut) and hard asses on display. The site offers 392 models, each with at least one set of very good quality pics, some pages offering more than one set. The site has stopped updating, but there's a lot here to enjoy. Those looking for gorgeous men from slim and athletic to built and muscular in high quality erotic photos displayed to perfection will find them at The Male Form.

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