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The Guy Site has been around for a few years and it has always been a great place to see real amateur men, not just guys pretending to be amateurs but the real deal. It still is, but they recently redesigned the site and some new features, so it's time to head back and see what's happening.

There's quite a varied collection of men at The Guy Site. Most of them are true amateurs who are making their first jack-off videos, but there are several known performers like Jaxton Wheeler, Leo Giamani, Sean Costin and Aaron Bruiser. Still, the ratio is about 24 to 1 amateurs vs pros. The guys range from their twenties through to their forties, and their physiques range wildly including slender guys with athletic bodies, studs with gym perfect bodies, lots of muscle hunks, daddies and bears sporting a bit of belly.

The men are a mix of hairy and smooth, tattooed or not, and quite a few wear facial hair. And one notable mention is that The Guy Site doesn't discriminate on endowment; I saw quite a few men with small to average cocks, although there are lots of whoppers here, too.

The typical man on The Guy Site is a masculine man who wants to make a porn video without any surprises like other men jumping from behind the curtains to blow them. These mostly straight guys just want to show off their bodies and unload their nuts, so most of the videos are solo jack-off sessions. But there are also videos with two or more guys beating off together, some with blowjob action, as well as nearly 50 scenes with anal sex. The Guy Site also has a specialty - the hands-free cumshot - and they try getting most of their guys stroking until the point of no return and then let go so we can watch their hard-ons bounce as they blow their wads. Most of them end up in the shower for a clean-up reel, too.

Before I get into the videos themselves, let's talk about the site's set-up. You can buy a monthly membership (other time configurations are also available), and these allow you to stream the videos. If you want to download videos they cost extra. The site also uses a system where you buy a package of credits and use them to download videos either to your computer or stash them in the cloud and watch them whenever you want. Downloading a video costs 4 to 8 credits, depending on the age of that video, and stashing them costs 2 credits. And of course you can join the site, which allows you to stream the videos, and you can buy credit packages so you can download the videos you want to add to your permanent collection.

There are 398 videos inside The Guy Site, and these are streaming MP4s sized at 684x500 (older) or 890x500 (newer); you can select one of three speeds which affect the picture quality but not the viewing area. If you download any of the movies, the older ones play at around 980x720 and newer ones play at 1280x720. The newer videos are definitely better quality; I didn't find the older ones were as crisp as they could be and some suffered from interlacing (jaggies) issues.

There are picture galleries for most of the videos, and they're digital stills available in different sizes depending on the age of the scene, so you'll get 734x979 for older scenes and 750x1000 for newer sessions. You can view the pictures online in galleries and slideshows or you can download a zip file, but you can't save the pictures individually. There's also a brief bio for each scene, but no real stats.

The Guy Site is nicely designed, and it's easy to get around. There aren't any big issues, but there are a few things I should mention. They stopped adding picture galleries about a year and a half ago, so the latest 70 or so videos don't have them. Personally I'm not a fan of sites that charge paying members extra to download videos, but at the same time, I'm not a video collector. What I'd suggest you do is buy the monthly membership, then make note of any videos you might want to keep (making sure the quality meets your standards), and then you can buy the appropriate credit package so you can download your favorites later.

The site is adding new content. The episodes aren't dated, but the site is now updating weekly, although not on the same day each week. Finally, there's a pre-checked offer on the join page that signs you up for a free membership and another 3-day trial for a premium membership, so if you're not interested simply untick the box and you'll be fine.

I like The Guy Site a lot - it's been one of my favorite sites for years because there are few sites out there with such a hot mix of men. The Guy Site doesn't only look for drop-dead gorgeous men with rocking bodies and big dicks like a lot of sites do. I'm not a size queen, I'm more of a fan of the overall guy, and this site has plenty of sexy men and a variety of physiques to suit most tastes, but especially mine - especially since there's a good amount of natural hairy guys. I liked the freshening up of the site's design, but most of all, I loved all the never-before-seen faces, and those hands-free cumshots are a turn-on.

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