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The Guy Site has been around for years, and it's always been a great place to see real amateur men - not just guys pretending to be amateurs but the real deal. There's a varied collection of men, many of them are true amateurs who are making their first jack-off videos, and there are also known performers like Jaxton Wheeler, Leo Giamani, Sean Costin and Aaron Bruiser. Still, there's more amateurs than pros. The guys range from their twenties through to their forties, and their physiques range wildly including slender guys with athletic bodies, studs with gym perfect bodies, lots of muscle hunks, daddies and bears sporting a bit of belly. The oldest videos feature average to chubby guys, the newer including lots of hunks and bodybuilders.

You'll find a good amount of hairy men as well as some who are smooth. Some are tattooed, some are not, and quite a few wear beards and mustaches. And one notable mention is that The Guy Site doesn't discriminate on endowment; I saw quite a few men with small to average cocks, although there are lots of whoppers here, too. And unlike many sites, we get to see those cocks go from soft to hard. By the way, many of the latest videos are shot outdoors in the woods or at the beach; if you love naked men outdoors, you might want to check the previews of these vids on the tour.

The typical man on The Guy Site is a masculine man who wants to make a porn video without any surprises like other men jumping from behind the curtains to blow them. These mostly straight guys just want to show off their bodies and unload their nuts, so many of the videos are solo jack-off sessions. But there are also videos with two or more guys beating off together, some with blowjob action, as well as over 70 scenes with anal sex, and some of the newest are bareback. The Guy Site also has a specialty - the hands-free cumshot - and they try getting most of their guys stroking until the point of no return and then let go so we can watch their hard-ons bounce as they blow their wads. Many of them end up in the shower for a clean-up reel, too.

Before I get into the videos themselves, let's talk about the site's set-up. You can buy a monthly membership (other time configurations are also available), and these allow you to stream the videos. If you want to download videos they cost extra. The site also uses a system where you buy a package of credits and use them to either download videos to your computer or stash them in the cloud to watch whenever you want. Downloading a video costs or stashing it 10 credits. And of course you can join the site, which allows you to stream the videos, and you can buy credit packages so you can download the videos you want to add to your permanent collection.

There are 579 DRM-free videos inside The Guy Site. The vids are streaming MP4s shown in a player sized at about 1470x826 plus three smaller sizes; the smallest two sizes good for most mobiles. We are told the player size varies depending on the size of your monitor. The newer vids are good amateur to good quality, and the two largest sizes enlarge to full screen well, although if you're on a really large monitor, I'd suggest sticking with the highest resolution for best results. The 50 oldest videos' viewing area is shown at 982x720 plus two smaller sizes at average quality, and these don't fare as well when enlarged. The older videos are actually wider than the viewing area to accommodate a large black bar on either side, but the bars don't interfere with the viewing area.

If you want to download the videos, it will cost you 10 credits each per size so if you want two sizes of one video so you can have the largest size for your computer and the smallest for your phone, that will cost you 20 credits. The largest newer videos are sized at 1920x1080 at good amateur quality, not quite as nice as the streaming videos but still well worth watching. There are three smaller sizes, as well, the same resolutions as the streaming videos. The oldest downloadable videos are sized 1280x720 at amateur quality or better, so not the best to enlarge to full screen, and they're also available in two smaller sizes for older mobiles.

The Guy Site also offers 314 picture sets. These are digital stills sized at from 679x1024 to 734x979, as well as some at 750x1000, although they're shown much smaller on the page, but if you download individual pics, you'll get the larger sizes. Quality of most of the pictures is good amateur, although I did find some closer to amateur. You can view the pictures online in galleries and slideshows or you can download zip files if you want to save entire sets.

Now let's talk about updates. There are no dates on the updates, which makes it hard to be exact when it comes to update frequency, but there are 181 more videos than there were 37 months ago, which averages over one update per week. When we last visited, the site was adding one video each week, and I'm glad to see the site continuing to grow.

The Guy Site is nicely designed, and it's easy to get around. There aren't any big issues, but there are a few things you might want to be aware of. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, although it's easy enough to uncheck if you're not interested. When you pay for downloads, be sure to save the videos soon as the downloads expire within a week. The site stopped adding picture galleries a while ago, and there are now 265 less pic sets than videos. The 50 oldest videos' quality isn't good; it's not bad, either, but don't expect those oldest vids to come close to the newer ones when it comes to sharpness and clarity. I ran into a couple galleries that were missing all their thumbs, but the large pics are there if you click the missing thumbs' error graphic. There are also a few models who have no preview thumbs or profiles.

Something I want to mention again is that if you use credits to download a video sized at 1920x1080, you must pay separately if you want to download the same video at another size. There's a bar across the bottoms of the viewable parts of the pages that link to the site's Twitter and Tumblr accounts, and on the right there are subscription, join and buy credit links on the left even after you're a member. On smaller monitors, this bar can slightly cover the bottom of the video player for the largest videos, but it's very slight and won't bother most members.

One last thing that may or may not be an issue for you, depending on whether you like to download or stream your videos. I'm not a fan of sites that charge paying members extra to download videos, but at least here you can pay to download the vids you'd like to have to watch later.

I like The Guy Site a lot - it's been one of my favorites for years because they don't look for only drop-dead gorgeous men with rocking bodies and big dicks like a lot of sites do. I'm not a size queen, I'm more of a fan of the overall guy, and this site has plenty of sexy men and a variety of physiques to suit most tastes. I love the bodybuilders who aren't dieted down and the good amount of daddies and natural hairy guys. With 579 exclusive videos to stream on your desktop and mobiles, and to download if you want to spend a little extra, there's a lot to keep you busy, especially since the site averages an update every week. But most of all, I love all the never-before-seen faces, and those hands-free cumshots are a turn-on.

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