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The Gay Office is one of eight sites in the MEN.com network and it gives us horny office scenarios with executives fucking each other on board room tables, in the file room, and yes, on the boss' desk - sometimes it's even the boss doing the fucking. We've been back to the site once since it opened in 2011, and it's grown quite a bit from its initial 10 videos, so we wanted to head back and see how it's doing.

The models are hot, a who's who of the gay porn business, although the site has discovered and introduced us to quite a few newcomers. Some of my favorite men here are Colton Grey, Vadim Black, Mike De Marko, Logan Moore, Dani Robles, Connor Maguire, and of course, Johnny Rapid. But there are lots of other well-known porn stars including Damien Crosse, Dato Foland, Andrew Stark, Christopher Daniels, and Landon Conrad. You can expect nice bodies ranging from athletic to muscular builds with a mix of hairy and smooth bodies, clean shaven or bearded faces, as well as some men with tattoos.

There's lots of kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking before the cum flies, but it's how these guys get to playing around that's fun. Gabriel Vanderloo and Rogan Richards are touring their new office that's still under renovation and they discover a peep hole in the wall with a guy jacking off on the other side. Push comes to shove (literally), and after a horny peep show, the men end up fucking on the floor. In "Reply All" Vadim Black accidentally sends an email containing his sexual fantasies to a bunch of co-workers, and one by one, each in his own episode, they show up at his office to make Black's fantasies cum true. In one video an arrogant executive orders the window washer into his office to service his dick, and another one called "Executive Brothel" is a three-part series following an executive running a brothel out of his office.

Almost all of the action is in duos, but there are six threeways. The men almost always start off in suits or shirts and ties; sometimes they're wearing knee-high dress socks under their slacks, but it all ends up on the desk or office floor when their passion heats up.

There are 158 videos in The Gay Office, and they're offered in MP4 format in four sizes ranging from 480x272 for mobiles to full HD at 1920x1080, and two other sizes in between. The quality is good and the videos are DRM-free so they're yours to keep. You can also stream the videos on the site in four speeds from small to HD and they play at 960x540. The site offers regular streaming or progressive, which allows you to move ahead in the video before it's completed downloading into the player. You can also opt to watch the movies in full-screen mode, and all but the smallest sizes fare quite well.

Most videos, although not all, have a picture gallery with at least a dozen or more good quality digital stills. The action is mostly staged rather than shot during the video. The pictures display as big at 1663x2495 and you can view them in the thumbnail galleries or use a hands-free slider and you can save them individually or download entire sets in zip files.

There are seven more sites in the MEN.com network, and while these don't feature office-related sex, they give you another 1,567 exclusive videos to enjoy. These bonus sites run the gamut from British men fucking to gangbangs, and from straight guys having their first gay sex to tops bottoming for their first times. There's also a huge archive of 1,244 commercially released DVDs with over 6,500 scenes, and these feature all kinds of different men and a variety of sex.

There is a collection of the MEN.com behind-the-scenes videos, but members must pay $5 extra for a VIP membership to get access to them, as well as to exclusive solo videos and some more features.

There are a few drawbacks here. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that's on a tricky dropdown menu where you have to select the "no thanks" option. Second, if you buy a one-day trial membership you'll have limited access to the site's content, and the rebill rate is $5 higher than the monthly option. When you join, you are automatically signed up to an email mailing list, but you can unsubscribe from it later. The claims on the tour, like daily updates, pertain to the entire network and not just The Gay Office.

The site was updating weekly for a while, but it's only updated 11 times this year. After a summer break that began in May, they have added three new scenes in September, so hopefully they're getting new releases back on track.

The Live Sex link in the members menu is extensive and one can chat in five different languages. But watch out for applicable rates as members must pay additionally if they choose to watch the performers fully nude or in action. And some of the site's banners are actually disguised to look like more content. And then there's that $5 charge to get access to the behind-the-scenes videos.

Still, there's a lot to like about The Gay Office. The camera work and video quality are quite good, and captures the sex from every conceivable angle. And the men on The Gay Office are mostly primo porn hunks, many of whom I'm sure you'd love bending over the photocopier or your desk. I've had a boss or two I would have happily serviced at his desk, so I found these scenarios provocative and fun without being too drawn out. The Gay Office offers 158 videos, and combined with the other 1,567 network videos and those 1,244 DVDs, it'll be a long time before you run out of movies to watch.

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