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I guess you can't say you didn't know what to expect when visiting a site named The Crossdressers but I can say I was surprised to see how good the videos looked. While outside on the free tour I thought it all looked pretty good but you can never be too sure with these things so it's always nice to see some effort put in to the member's area. Getting around the site is fairly easy, too, the home page shows the latest news and picture of the day with links to the latest updates and most popular sets below. Access to the full archives, stories, and bonus content is all laid out on the main menu as well. So like I said everything is set out in front of you at this site and there's no hunting around to find the porn.

Each episode of crossdressing action comes in either one full length HD video, or broken up in to 6 clips in normal quality. But whichever way you go the quality is better than usual with sizes of 854x480 and 640x360, and that is the same for both the streaming and downloadable versions. There are only 19 full scenes available at the moment but you should expect to see more by the time you read this review since The Crossdressers is such a new site.

Most of the guys you'll see are very slender and fairly feminine-looking as you could expect from a cross dressing site, but even the other guys in the videos are also fairly skinny. So just be warned in case you're not in to that kind of thing. A lot of the videos involve group sex with three or four guys and those ones seem to be the most popular with other members, I can't say I disagree with them either! The action in each one on one scene usually starts off with the crossdresser sucking dick before getting ass fucked in many positions and then sucking again in the end for the cumshot.

The pictures are also very good for the most part with the highest size I found being 1280x853, but there were some episodes that only had videocaps and they weren't as good. Each set has plenty of pics with about 250 on average so you can follow the action along fairly well. It's good to see if you're like me and you actually take the time to look at pics too, because some sites don't bother with good images these days. Slideshows and zips of each set are available too.

Full members of The Crossdressers also get access to a collection of 14 gay and tranny bonus sites from the same network as well as a story collection and a good sized gay DVD archive.

The biggest issue at The Crossdressers is the update schedule. This doesn't give me much hope that the site will grow very fast because it looks like they plan to drag out the updates by adding a little of each scene per week. For example on one week they will release the screenshots of a new scene, on the second week the videos come out, then finally on the third week the full HD scene is added. So in total it seems like everyone will be waiting at least three weeks in between each full update.

The Crossdressers has a lot going for it, but it has its issues, too. Sure, it has great quality HD videos but that can't fully make up for the slow update schedule. The pictures are good, too, but again there aren't enough here yet. It's only been just over a month since they launched this site so it's still early enough to make this a good one. I guess you'll just have to make up your own mind from here on whether you think all of this is worth it, considering the quality is very good but the site is still on the small side.

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