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Shemale Japan is presented by Grooby, one of the largest producers of transgender porn operating today. Here they take us into the micro-niche of what the site calls transsexual new-half girls, and offers us Japanese shemales in solo and hardcore content. These shemale models present a good mixture: Chic, smartly dressed, petite, demure tgirls with cute feminine bodies, convincingly female on top and very male down below. If you thought Japan and the Orient was exotic, wait until you've met these Japanese Geisha-guys.

There is a fair mix of action in the content that makes up this site. You're going to find a lot of solo work with shy and giggling trannies in schoolgirl uniforms posing, letting their cocks slip out from under their gym slips. Then you'll find harder-edged business women, competitive shemales working out frustrations on the office desk. Then comes the happy housewife tgirls with their admirers where things get more hardcore. There are shemales satisfying men with blowjobs in the more traditional style of things, and then sultry-looking working girls giving a striptease and a lap dance. The action, though leaning towards more solo than hardcore, remains varied throughout.

The video count is stated on the tour pages at Shemale Japan but the fact is that, due to the way the site is designed, it's very hard to give an exact count. There were 1,027 updates, and each one is shown on index pages as the face of a featured tgirl. Clicking that, you then get to a good model index page with details about the tgirl, her movies and galleries, and then one, two, three or more video links, plus the links to the photo galleries that model has appeared in. The tour states 1237 movies, which could be correct; the model index singles out 884 solo movies and 111 hardcore ones and then also has sections for uniform and 'other' movies. I would say there were more likely up to 2,000, some running for two minutes, others for 20. Variety sure is the spice of life at this site.

Newer movies are shown in MP4 format, downloads available at 1280x720 with a lower resolution available, and streams at 1280x720 or 640x360 in a JW Player. File sizes vary from around 100 Mbs to 500 Mbs, depending on the length of the clip or scene. Older movies, dating back to 2008, are shown in WMV (streaming in a Silverlight player) in a choice of resolutions up to 864x480. You'll find either MP4 or WMV options for downloads, there's no mixing, and the quality of the clips varies with the age. However, the overall quality of the movies is fine; it's a reasonable amateur quality with a hand-held style, decent lighting and natural sound. There's no DRM in use, the content is exclusive and updates happen every few days.

Videos don't link to galleries; the models do. The image galleries are found in the same way as the videos: find an update, find the tgirl then see her content. The tour states 1250 photo sets, but again there seem to be more than this. (The model index separates out 934 solo sets, 105 hardcore ones and 123 Uniform sets, plus 'others') With 1,027 updates and some of those holding five or six galleries you are probably looking at several thousand photo sets. Some hold ten images others hold 250, others have over 300, some have 40; it's a big and varied collection. And the quality is fine here, too; newer images clicking up to 975x1440 at full size, images are sharp and clear and they come with slideshows and zip files. Slideshows are the way to go here, otherwise you must open and close each pic one at a time. Older image sets contain smaller pictures, but the photography, style and quality is just as good.

Shemale Japan features 205 non-exclusive bonus shemales, and these includes videos and galleries of Asian and other tgirls. There are also some neat extras and interactive functions here. The model index arranges the trannies into categories, but is actually a way of finding content rather than model info. You find solos, hardcore, schoolgirls and uniforms with videos and galleries in separate areas but model information, when available, is actually found in the Updates area. However when you are viewing pics and vids you can comment on the content and add things to favorites. The site then gets more interactive with the forum, which you can link into and join in with.

The main issue for me was navigation. The model index actually leads to categorized content, and if you want to find model information you find it under Updates. There is a search page, though, and that's the best way to go if you want to find specifics. The member area carries some adverts for other sites, and the older movies are, understandably, lower resolution. The site favors solo models and could do with a little more hardcore to spice things up a bit more.

Once I'd gotten my head around the way Shemale Japan was set up, I found a wealth of sexy Japanese girls with dicks in mainly solo sessions but with some hardcore scenes included, as well. I can't think of any other Japanese shemale site, so that makes this one pretty unique. There is a great collection of solo, uniform and some hardcore shemale action here, with some HD videos and the site updates 3 times each week, so it's always growing. Considering the forum, updates and the site's uniqueness, Shemale Japan offers a good value for tons of gorgeous Geisha-guys and horny Asian trannies you won't find anywhere else.

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