Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Teen Boys Island offers to take us away to a tropical paradise that's populated by penis-pounding, permanently pleasing 18+ teen boys, and the tour shows us some very hot guys to tempt us inside. Let's talk about the boys. They're a mixed bunch of smooth twinks and amateur guys, slim with tattoos and a mix of cut and uncut cocks, tall and lanky, some quite well hung, some geeky, some very cute, others who are a bit rough around the edges and who look like, for want of a better expression, street urchins, and some who are slightly muscled and bordering on 'jock'. A very mixed bundle of fun then, and mostly white. I am not sure, but I imagine this tropical island is probably somewhere in Europe. However not all is as perfect as it first sounds - the site is not without some issues which we'll get to later.

Wherever our island is, it's filled with 18 to 25 year old models who do solos. The guys here follow the same pattern in their videos, with a strip down, a solo jerk off and a cum shot. There is a self-suck video shown on the tour which suggests there may be one or more inside. I didn't see one, but then I didn't see everything. I did see a lot of twink dick being pounded, a lot of average to cute guys smiling and laughing, chatting to the camera, and then doing a striptease as the cameras flashed around them. Then, in the next part of the video, they whip out their meat and give it a beat, often for a long period of time as the cameras continues to flash, and after a few minutes we, they and the flashing cameras, get rewarded with a cumshot. Each video was similar apart from location and model.

There are 317 DRM-free movies inside Teen Boys Island, which sounds like a good deal, but some of them are only parts of a full scene. Some movies run for 15 minutes and are one complete shoot, others are six or seven minute parts of a scene. The videos are titled on index pages so you can see which is which, and they usually come with a shot of the model's face, but not always. The site has not updated for some time and it doesn't look like it's going to update again. The last movie was added in 2012. We are told, however, that this content is exclusive.

Movies are offered as downloads only in WMV format. When you hit a viewing page you have to right-click the thumbnail from the video (or the placeholder if no shot shows up, as happened on a few occasions) and save as. Newer movies are sized at 960x720 and the older are shown at 720x540. Both were average or better in terms of sharpness and visual quality, but none of the movies I saw had sound. The filming is pretty basic, with those cameras often flashing as the photo shoot gets done at the same time as the videos. Each vid can be downloaded but isn't available to stream or for mobiles.

Teen Boys Island also has a collection of 165 galleries to view, some of which reflect the movies. The most recent gallery was added in 2013, and there's no reason to expect more will be added. Images click up to 1024x768, or slightly larger, and the quality is fine. There is simple navigation through sets, slideshows and zip file downloads are available, and you can save pics one at a time. These are mainly solo shoots though there were a couple of action ones depicting blowjobs.

There are six bonus galleries in the Bonus area that come from other sites by the same company. In fact, some of the content is also from some of these other sites. You don't immediately have access to these sites, but if you stay as a member you should be able to pick up a new site every month. There are six in total and your membership fee drops after the first month. Remember, though, that this site is not updating and the others may not be, either.

The site has a few issues. First, as mentioned, is that the site no longer updates. Next, some of the gallery titles are surprising - 'Grimacing chutney ferrety' doesn't exactly make you want to view the gallery, and 'Red Goody Bastard' doesn't make much sense. There are descriptions of content that are also slightly off the wall; 'I don't think this chocolate bandit will do something extraordinary or unusual to have a banging effect for himself...' and models are also referred to as 'brown hatters', 'bumhole engineers' and 'nancy boys', which is very non-sexy and is also fairly rude. You are able to comment on content, rate things and add them to favorites, but although there is a model index there is no information given - you only get their name and ranking.

One last thing worth mentioning is that when you go to the join page, the price for the quarterly membership is given as $59.95. Imagine my surprise when I got to the processor sign-up page and found a higher price of $74.95.

You might fancy a weekend break at Teen Boys Island, but I doubt you would want to stay for a full, all-inclusive, vacation. The content is fine in terms of quality, though not always brilliantly filmed, and there are some issues with soundless videos. The galleries give you some good posed shots from solo guys, and the models are nicely varied and amateur looking. It's an easy site to get around though the design is pretty basic and not at all modern. Viewing options are limited to a single size of WMV per video. But still, you will get to dip your toes into the sea of 18 to 25 year old models and spend some time relaxing with them and chilling out. But, as the site no longer updates, I would describe this island is a paradise once found but now lost.

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