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Teen Boy Models focuses on 18 to twenty-something year old beach boys and jocks from Australia who decide to make a little extra cash on the side by modeling. Many are straight, and while a lot of the guys here are clean cut, some are scruffy or sport tattoos. There's a nice mix of body types, from slender to muscular, but I'd say a lot of the guys have athletic builds and natural good looks. Many have uncut cocks as well as sporting untrimmed pubes. Some of the models here have a boyish look, while others are more manly, if you see what I mean, but most of them are first-time amateurs that fall into the boy-next-door or cute regular guy type.

A lot of the videos here start out with the guys on the beach in their trunks, running or posing, and there are on-camera interviews, as well. The models move to more private surroundings when things get going - often a living room where the guy is seated on a sheet-covered couch. He'll stroke his cock, often through trunks or his underwear, and once he's nice and hard, he'll pull it out. Sometimes after the performer is horny enough, he'll agree to do a gloryhole shoot. This is a set-up in the living room where the model can't see who's sucking his dick - he watches lesbian porn on TV while an older daddy (or sometimes 2 daddies) will go down on him till he blows his load; in the newer videos, he may get sucked by a guy his own age. In other sessions, the amateur strokes his meat (and some are pretty well hung) or uses a Flashjack, sliding it up and down his shaft till he shoots his load.

Teen Boy Models currently has 675 guys on their site. Some of the more recent models have more than 1 video - some might have a jack-off scene and a gloryhole scene plus an interview and behind the scenes clip, while many of the oldest shoots have only a single video broken into clips or have no video at all, just a pic set. The site claims to update weekly, and the last five updates are dated, and each is added six or seven days apart.

The newest videos are available in 4 sizes of MP4 and 1 of WMV. The biggest of the MP4s is sized at 1920x1080, and there is also a size for iPhone / iPod, another for iPad and one called MAC that is basically sized for computers; the newer WMVs are sized at 720x576. These videos are downloadable, and they're good amateur quality or better, and for those who prefer it, there's also a streaming version. The not-quite-as-recent videos are offered in 3 sizes and formats, including an HD format and smaller format in Flash or F4V format, as well as a version in WMV format. These can also be streamed. When you go back to the oldest videos, expect smaller, lower quality WMV clips.

There are a few issues worth mentioning. First is the 5.5GB daily download limit; if you go over 5.5GB in 24 hours, your account will be suspended for 24 hours. Also if your use is deemed excessive (and there's no specifics on how many GB would be considered excessive) your membership will be terminated. It's hard to see how you could be an excessive user, though, since when you hit 5.5GB of downloads, you won't be able to download more for a day. Be aware that if you download all three videos from one of the newer episodes - interview, hardcore or jackoff and behind the scenes - it's over a GB right there, so this download limit would mean you could download maybe all parts of three newer videos and a couple old clips.

A few more things worth mentioning is that the download speeds here are lackluster at best, staying below 500k for me, and I'm on a 100+ Mbps line. All 675 models are listed on one long - VERY long - page, so you just keep scrolling and scrolling. The join page says that the new models have 45+ minutes of HD video, and that's true, but there's a twist. The jackoff video is 15 to 20 minutes and you get 40 to 60 minutes of behind the scenes video footage for many of the guys. As mentioned, the oldest episodes have no videos or just one small, short clip. One last thing worth noting, while not an issue, is that a lot of the guys here aren't actually 18 or 19 - ages run up through their twenties.

Teen Boy Models features surfers, athletes, beach boys and jocks. They're mostly Australian with nice bodies, and there are plenty of uncut cocks for those of us who love foreskin. There are 675 models listed, many of whom have at least 1 video and some have 2 plus an interview and a behind the scenes vid, but some of the oldest shoots are photos-only. The videos here are DRM-free, offered in clips, and newer vids are available for mobiles and offered in long parts rather than short clips; the site adds a new video once a week. Teen Boy Models delivers fresh amateur Aussie guys stroking their meat or getting sucked in gloryhole scenarios, and with 675 models, there's a lot to see.

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