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Teacher BF Videos is the latest addition to the 429 Videos Network, and the tour features lots of older hunks with younger guys in their twenties, so it looks like there's a good selection of daddy-boy sex, as well as lots of older men and bears in solo action. There's lots exciting stuff on the tour, but does the member area deliver? Let's get inside and see what's really on offer here.

While the site claims "Homemade Teacher BF Videos" on the tour, they give no explanation as to what that means. Are these videos of college teachers fucking their students over the classroom desk? Are they private tutoring sessions gone wild? Nothing on the tour really gives us a clue. I downloaded "Mature dude teaching twinks to fuck bareback style" figuring it would give me an idea. It features two guys in their twenties (they're not really twinks) jacking their dicks; then an older man appears and one of the lads positions himself on the sofa bed on his hands and knees, the other scoots in behind and fucks him bareback. There's no sound, so if the older man is indeed teaching these guys how to fuck, you'd never know. He does lean in and play with the bottom's cock, but that's the extent of the older man's involvement.

There are no videos filmed in a classroom, no others that I could see with "teacher" in the title, and they aren't even a particularly large number of videos features older men and younger guys, as you might expect given either the site's name or the tour content. As far as I can see, Teacher BF Videos is a complete misnomer and misrepresentation. What you will find is 126 videos, some of them homemade, featuring a variety of guys jacking off and others sucking and fucking in duos.

As far as guys go, there's such a wide variety here that it's impossible to tag this site as having any specific type of performer, and it certainly doesn't feature the daddy-boy scenarios found displayed on the tour. I saw twinks and twenty-somethings with smooth bodies, there are some black guys and some interracial scenes, one video featured two men who appeared to be in their sixties, there's a bald bear with a belly in his forties who likes getting fucked by lean guys, I saw some Latinos and Europeans and even a kinky couple wearing puppy masks and gear while they fucked on the bed. But again, missing are those handsome hairy daddies on the tour or any hint of teacher sex.

Teacher BF Videos in one of five new sites this network opened in December 2016, and this brings the total number of sites to 24. This one offers 126 videos that can be streamed or downloaded in MP4 format. I downloaded five videos and they came in as many different sizes from 320x210 to 640x358, but there may be other sizes, too, and they're mostly amateur to good amateur quality and compatible with many mobile devices. Sometimes there are lighting issues, some lack sound, others aren't as crisp as we'd like, and others have technical issues like action not happening in the frame, but that's to be expected with amateur videos. Overall I found most of the videos were enjoyable. You can also stream the videos on the site, but since the videos are often smaller than the 640x360 player, the video will be stretched and this affects the quality; you're better off downloading them and watching them in their original size.

Teacher BF Videos has no picture galleries but many of the 23 sites in the network offer them, so I expect that we may eventually see galleries here, as well. In the network there are around 1,961 picture sets offering are a mix of digital and screencaps and come in a variety of sizes. They are displayed in thumbnail galleries and you can view and save pictures individually; there are forward and back buttons to ease navigation, but there's no hands-free slideshow. Each gallery also has a downloadable zip file.

So far in December Teacher BF Videos has added one video. This update was added on the 12th, 19 days after the previous update and probably the first official update after the site launched. There doesn't seem to be any set update schedule so far, however the network is adding new content frequently. The tour says daily updates, which isn't quite true as there's an occasional skipped day, but they usually add two updates on another day to make up for it. Regardless of update frequency, there are 6,922 videos currently on offer in this network.

When you log into Teacher BF Videos you'll land on the homepage for the 429 Video Network, and here you'll find the latest videos added to the entire network or 24 sites. You have to dig a bit to find Teacher BF Videos because it's not listed on the sidebar with the other sites, you'll have to click More to find it. When you arrive on the Teacher BF Videos page, you can sort the videos by most recent, top rate, most viewed or longest.

Many of the network sites do feature a specific type of guy, so there's twinks, bears, black guys, Emos, muscle guys, straight guys, Asian and Latino guys, older men and lots of more, too. So while you won't find any teacher BF Videos, you get access to all of these sites as a full member and you'll very likely find guys and action to turn your crank - although probably not any teachers.

Are there any issues here? Yes, a few. While the site claims to offer homemade videos, they do mix in DVD scenes, as well, so not everything here is amateur. And as I already mentioned, discard any notions you might have about classroom sex or college professors boning their students - you won't find them here. Then there are two pre-checked offers on the billing page and these appear below the fold, so make sure you check them out and deselect them if you're not interested. Trial members may get limited access (that's common with a lot of networks and the terms don't mention it. Also the trial membership recurs at $12 more than the cost of the recurring monthly membership.

Perhaps the biggest issue with this site is that the content you see on the tour doesn't match the members area or the hints . In fact, many of the videos displayed on the tour are screencaps of studio-made, professional porn videos. They aren't amateur productions at all, and I didn't see any of these videos in the member area, nor were there any teacher videos. A couple more things - sometimes the placement of the video's watermark interferes with the action. And the 429 Network is heavy with ads. Some banners are designed to look like more content and an ad even pops up over the player when you pause a video.

Teacher BF Videos gets a very mixed review from me. The site's title implies teacher-student sex or perhaps older men showing younger men how to have a good time in bed, i.e. daddy-boy sex, but this isn't what you'll find in the member area. You will find 126 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, although update frequency is a bit up in the air, and there has only been one update since the site launched almost three weeks ago. The most attractive thing about this site is that it gets you access to a 23-site network with almost 7,000 videos, and these are a mix of both amateur videos and DVD scenes with all kinds of different men.

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