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TXXXM Studios features slender, smooth college-age guys, and many are twinks. There are some real cuties here, as well as some more average guys and a number of performers are what I'd call rough twinks - they don't have the cute factor but they have the slim body, they're the right age and they look it, but they seem a little more jaded, perhaps street-wise. Some of the guys have tattoos, although usually not big ones, and there are a few guys with facial hair and a slightly more mature look. Many of the performers are British, so you can expect plenty of uncut cocks.

This site is actually a network offering content from 10 sites with different themes, so you can expect a variety of types of action. You'll find amateur twinks jerking off or sucking and fucking at Amateur Twink Boyfriends; Boys On The Prowl offers hot threesomes in the back of a van - the guys kiss, suck dick and fuck each other, and while they do you can actually see the trees and other cars go by as the van drives on. There are edging videos at Twinks On Edge where the performers are tied to a bed, blindfolded and jerked to the point of cumming over and over before they're finally allowed to shoot their loads.

Boys And The City features twinks in a variety of action from threesomes and shower sex to guys fucking by the pool, soccer player group sex in the changing room, duos getting it on in bedrooms and even priest sex. Bare Fuck Sluts features bareback action as well as some bondage and kink. Wank Over Me offers hot oral action ending in facial cumshots. Exclusive Twinks offers guys jerking off. Sniff 'Em is a small site offers foot fetish content, another has several group sessions featuring six horny twinks in each scene. And the smallest sites are Pimping Twinks, where twinks take on groups of guys, taking on cock after cock, often from more mature men; last is Tickle That Boy, features helpless twinks being bound and tickled.

There are currently 435 videos inside TXXXM Studios - 158 from Amateur Twink Boyfriends, 45 from Boys On The Prowl, 107 from Boys and the City, 33 from Exclusive Twinks, 17 from Bare Fuck Sluts, eight from Sniff 'Em, four from Tickle That Boy, 26 from Twinks on Edge, 33 from Wank Over Me and four from Pimping Twinks. The videos are available in MP4 format, sometimes sized at 1920x1080 plus three smaller sizes and sometimes sized at 640x360 plus one smaller size. The smaller videos will play on most mobiles that play MP4s, and there are also streaming MP4s in multiple sizes and qualities. The videos range from amateur quality, mostly for some of the smaller ones, to good amateur quality or better.

Each video comes with a set of pics. These are either good amateur quality digital stills that are sized at around 1000x750 or 1000x667 and are sharp and clear, or they're screencaps that are similar in size but are on the blurry side and display a little pixelation. There are no slideshows, but the pics can be saved in zip files or individually downloaded, and you can navigate from picture to picture rather than having to return to the gallery to click the next thumb.

Now let's talk about issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second recurring site membership when you join TXXXM Studios. Also I was disappointed that some of the videos are only offered at 640x360, and in some cases the quality was disappointing, too. And then there are two large ads - one at the top of the page and the other is a row of animated thumbs at the page bottoms. Also while there are over 400 videos, there are only 12 models listed in the models section. Updates aren't listed by date, they're listed amounts of time - "3 weeks ago", "1 month ago" and so on.

Now let's talk about updates. The network has added nine videos in the past month; it appears they add two updates per week. Only two of the sites update with any frequency - Amateur Twink Boyfriends updates weekly and Boys and the City usually updates weekly but missed one update recently. One site has updated three times in the past 11 months, another has also updated three times in 11 months with each update several months apart, and Exclusive Twinks added one video in the past year and a half. Two of the sites offer only four videos each, and another has only eight vids, and none of these sites have updated in the past year and a half. And two more of the sites no longer update.

There's one last thing I wanted to mention. Some of the TXXXM Studios sites here including Boys And The City, Twinks On Edge and Amateur Twink Boyfriends aren't available to join separately. You can only get access to them via the network. This isn't a scenario I usually see, and getting access to these sites can make joining this network more attractive.

There's a lot to like about TXXXM Studios - particularly the mix of cute and rougher twinks in a variety of hardcore, group, kink and solo action, not to mention lots of uncut cocks. There are currently 435 videos available to download, stream and play on your mobile, and the network adds a new video each week. I'd have liked some of the smallest sites in the network to be larger, and I wish that more of the sites updated, but overall the guys and the action here are hot, and if you love uncut cocks and twink action with lots of kinky play, some solos and plenty of variety, TXXXM Studios is worth a visit.

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