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TIM Pass brings together all three Treasure Island Media sites under one handy membership. You'll get access to TIM Jack, TIM Suck and TIM Fuck. A TIM Pass costs you the same money as any one of these sites on its own, so you'd have to be drunk on cum not to grab the multi-site pass. We've reviewed each of the three sites separately, but join me while I do a recap and tell you about TIM  Pass.

TIM Fuck is the pearl of jizz in Treasure Island's sleazy crown, and it brings us 315 videos of guys getting their holes stuffed with raw dicks. And this is where things really get dirty. Many of the scenes are duos, featuring one top barebacking one bottom, but there are plenty of group scenes where anywhere from two to eight fucks take care of one cum pig's hole.

If you're into oral sex, TIM Suck offers 287 videos where cocksuckers show off their skills, sucking all manner of dicks and guzzling cum. These are almost always duo guy-on-guy sessions, but occasionally they get one cocksucker blowing two men at the same TIM e. Owen Powers services four men in one video, and I saw another scene where a blow boy gulped three dicks in a hotel room.

TIM Jack is a masturbation site featuring 313 scenes of guys stroking their dicks in solo sessions. These are simple scenes where a guy sits on a chair or couch or lies back on a bed and jerks off till he unloads his nuts wherever he wants. Some of the guys play with dildos but most don't. Many of the men can be seen in action videos in the other sites, but many guys just stop by to drain their balls.

Treasure Island Media films all kinds of guys from near twinks to older men in their fifties, some even older than that. Most of the men are fit with slim or athletic bodies, but some are more muscular. A few guys may carry a few extra pounds on average bodies, but I didn't see many real bears or big-bellied men. White, black, Asian and Latino guys - they're all here. Hairy or smooth, clean shaven or with facial hair, big dicks and small ones, cut or uncut, and many guys have tattoos or piercings. There really is something for every taste. While TIM  does film porn stars, the big draw here is that they're a treasure trove of amateur men who you'll only see here, men who have ever only filmed a time or two. Although Treasure Island has created many porn stars who remain exclusive to their sites.

TIM Pass gives you complete access to all three sites, and there are no limitations, so you can watch as much as you want. There is, however, no actual TIM Pass site; you simply go to any of the three membership sites, log in and start watching. On the navbar in the member area you can navigate to any of the three sites and browse their selection of movies. TIM Fuck and TIM Suck each add at least one new scene every week - sometimes they add two - and TIM  Jack adds one every other week.

There are 915 videos in the member area, and they're offered in streaming MP4 format. The vids are a mix of scenes produced specifically for the sites as well as others that have been pulled from DVDs. The newest videos play at 848x478 and older videos on TIM  Fuck and TIM  Suck play at 580x434 and 636x478 respectively. The videos are generally average to good amateur quality, but they have been shot over a number of years and in different locations, so the lighting isn't always optimal, but generally they're enjoyable. You can't download any of the videos, which is a bummer, but they are mobile compatible.

Most of the scenes come with picture sets. These galleries offer screencaps with anywhere from 10 to 60 pics, someTIM es more. They come in various sizes from 1920x1080 to 720x480, but there may be other sizes, too. You browse the pictures in each set in a viewer with forward and back buttons, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can also save the pictures individually, but there aren't any downloadable zip files.

There are lots of extras for TIM  Pass members. I liked the cam-to-cam feature called Fuck Roulette that pairs you up with other cam users for horny chat sessions, however, since you both have cams I'm betting there won't be a lot of talking going on. There's a personals section, a discussion forum and the Treasure Island Media blog where you can read about the latest goings on at the company, as well as read interviews with the performers and stories from fans. There's another blog by TIM  director Max Sohl. Finally, there are two tubes: Toxxxic Tube features amateur videos uploaded by members and TIM  X Tube offers trailers from the various TIM  DVDs as well some amateur vids.

Most of the drawbacks on TIM Pass are fairly minor. They do have several pre-checked email offers on the join page that, if left checked, will sign you up for various news updates on all of the Treasure Island sites and DVDs, but you can opt out of them easily enough. The member area displays each site's videos on a long page, so there's a lot of scrolling to get to the oldest videos in each case. Shorter pages and page navigation would make this site more user friendly. And if you do find a scene that you like, there's no easy way to buy it. Surprisingly, clicking a DVD in the member area only gives you all of that DVD's scenes and not any way to buy it, which seems like a missed opportunity to me.

One last thing I wanted to mention is that TIM Pass is not on timpass.com. I tried typing it in in my location bar, and I ended up at a very generic spam page with links to things like HOME & INTERIOR DECOR and FITNESS INSTRUCTION & PERSONAL TRAINING. None of the ads are adult-related nor are they related to Treasure Island Media.

TIM Pass gives you unfettered access to TIM Jack, TIM Suck and TIM Fuck, the sites combined offering over 900 videos to watch on your desktop, and they're mobile compatible so you can watch them wherever you are. There are at least two updates each week, one from TIM Fuck and another from TIM Suck, but often there are one or two extra updates, and every second week TIM Jack adds a scene to the mix. And the thing about TIM Pass is that the same price as any one of its sites' memberships you get access to all three, and how can that be a bad thing?

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