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Swimmer Boyz features guys wearing Speedos at the beach and by the pool and often sucking cock and getting fucked. The guys are a mix of slender, average, and well-built men, most in their twenties - and most wearing Speedos or similar swimwear. There's plenty of clean-cut guys and a number of muscle hunks, as well as athletic types with ripped bodies and six-pack abs. And there are those regular guy types who are in decent condition and fit but don't spend much time at the gym. I even found some twinks with swimmer builds, which makes sense at this site. The site owner tells about his fetish for guys in Speedos and looking at all the models with their cocks packed in tight, stretchy, bulge-hugging swim trunks - it's easy to see why he likes them so much.

The videos here offer plenty of hardcore duos and a few threesomes and groups where the guys suck cock and fuck by the pool or in it, in the locker room (perhaps after a swim), in the shower or the tub, and a few take place in other indoor locations. Sometimes the Speedos stay on during some or all of the action, sometimes the performers peel them off once they get busy, but the site stays focused on its niche - all the guys in the main movies start off wearing Speedos or similar trunks. The picture section offers lots of nude and non-nude pics including amateur guys on the beach in their swimwear. The archived videos are broken into three categories: Hardcore, Speedo, and Bisexual, but I found that some of the bisexual movies are actually straight sex with one guy and one gal, and the girl is often wearing a stretchy one-piece bathing suit.

Swimmer Boyz offers 378 videos - 58 newer movies in MP4 format and 320 archived videos in MPG or WMV format. The downloadable newer videos are sized at around 1100x800 at average to good amateur quality, and while they can be played on tablets and many newer phones, their aspect ratio isn't ideal. You can also stream the newer videos in a player sized at 430x260, and while that's pretty small, you can also go full screen with them. The older archived videos are smaller, sized at either 320x240 or 352x288, and they're only offered for download; streaming versions aren't available. They look good at their original size, but I wouldn't suggest going full screen with them. By the way, to download the vids, right-click the player and you'll be able to save the video.

Next is the photo section where you'll find 99 picture sets. Some of these sets are single-model photo shoots, while others are galleries with themes like Cock Shot, Group of Guys, Masturbation, and Shower and each has a bunch of different guys. Picture sizes are all over the map, from a small 270x360 to a good-sized 680x1024 or larger; quality varies greatly, too, so expect anywhere from poor to good quality images. There are no slideshows or zip files, but you can save the pictures you like individually.

Swimmer Boyz also offers members a story collection. Some of these are written by the site owner, and he says they reflect his own sexual experiences, often with guys in Speedos; other stories are written by other contributors, but all seem to include men wearing Speedos, as well as plenty of sucking and fucking. The story section is updated a few times a year.

Now let's talk about updates. The videos aren't dated, and there's no update schedule that I could find. I get the impression that this site is updating, though, as the latest video update is listed after the latest story was added, and the story was added last month. As to update frequency or regularity, there's no way to know.

The lack of update info is this site's biggest negative, but there's enough content to keep members busy for a month or two, so it's not really a problem. Next, the videos may not play in all browsers. They wouldn't play for me in Firefox, where I got an error message when attempting to stream the videos, but the videos played fine in Chrome. I would have preferred a download link for each of the recent videos rather than having to right-click the player to save; I expect a lot of members never realize the videos are downloadable because of this. And I do wish the streaming player was sized bigger than 430x260 - 960x540 or even 720x480 would have had more to offer members who didn't want to go full screen.

Swimmer Boyz offers up a good-sized collection of hardcore videos and mixed picture galleries, all focusing on men in Speedos or similar tight, ball-hugging swimwear. Some of the guys are a mix of the types of guys you'd find on the beach, others are athletic to muscular, and there are a few twinks; some of the guys seem to be gay porn performers. And you'll find some sexy women on the bisexual video page. The site offers 378 videos, 58 of which are mobile-compatible and available to stream, and the rest are smaller and offered only for download. There are lots of pics, too, and while the update schedule is uncertain, the site does seem to be adding new content. There's also a collection of Speedo-themed stories. If you love men with their cocks and balls bulging in their form-fitting swim wear, Swimmer Boyz is definitely worth a visit.

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