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Sven is a 48-year-old male who lives in London, England and he runs his own site called Sven Gays Naked featuring his own homemade porn. Sven sports a slim and fit body, he's smooth and hung with an uncut cock and natural pubes, and he loves showing off and playing with himself in both videos and live shows. We don't get a lot of true amateur sites anymore, so I'm excited to get inside and see what Sven has to offer.

Sven's profile says that he's into role play, raw sex, sucking, rimming, cum play and facials, bare feet, pissing, and anal sex, so you can expect a variety of action. He prefers long and intense duos with lots of kissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking. He also loves nipple play and edging. Sven's body is smooth and free of tattoos and piercings.

There are a variety of men on the site. One video features Sven fucking a fit guy who appeared to be in his twenties, but I can't give you much detail since the lad remains on his hands and knees with his head turned away from the camera. Another man who fucked Sven appeared to be in his early fifties with grey hair, and there was another grey-haired man with glasses getting a blowjob. The thing is that many of Sven's partners don't seem to want their faces in the videos, so it's hard giving a more complete description.

As far as the action goes, most of the videos are of Sven himself playing with his cock and shooting his load. He gives himself a cum facial in a couple of videos, dildo fucks himself in another, pees on his own face in still another; in the latest update, he jerks off into a condom and drinks his jizz. There are nine action videos where Sven both tops and bottoms, and there's some cock sucking, too. The videos are shot with static cameras and the filming style is POV, so there's lots of close-ups.

Sven Gays Naked offers 25 exclusive videos, and most are full scenes except from a couple vids that are part of a longer session. The videos are available to stream in MP4 format, and the original sizes range from 426x240 to 852x480 depending on the video. Some are offered at one speed but others come in four. The videos are compatible with mobile devices, and probably this is the best way to enjoy them. I watched the videos on my desktop computer with a 26-inch monitor, but the site uses an adaptive player so those small movies ended up being stretched to 1520x852 and were pretty fuzzy, but the quality improved when I reduced the size of my browser window. The videos run from 35 seconds to 11 minutes; many are only one to three minutes long.

Something newly added to the site are downloadable videos. These are exclusive to the site and offered in DRM-free MP4 format. Sizes vary a lot - one of the latest updates is offered at 1920x1080 at amateur quality, and there are three smaller sizes, so you can watch on your mobiles. One of the oldest videos is sized at 640x480, also at amateur quality, and it was available with one smaller size, but the larger size will be fine for most mobile users.

There are also 16 picture sets with nine to 50 pictures each and these are digital stills, although there could be some screencaps in the mix. As with the videos, the photo viewer is adaptive so the picture size and quality varies, and even within a single set, sizes vary; in a new set, one pic is sized at 4000x2743 while another from the same shoot is sized at 1500x1493. The picture viewer has a hands-free slideshow. I'm happy to relate that the pic sets are now downloadable in zip files. The pictures are a mixture of amateur to good amateur quality on my editor's 22-inch monitor, although on larger screens none will appear very crisp.

Members also get access to live shows, and the next show is scheduled to occur in three days, and although the site doesn't say if the time is GMT, EST or some other time zone, it does have a countdown feature that tells you in how many hours and minutes the site will occur. Sven does seem to take requests, though. There are two recorded shows, but these are three minutes each, so again, I don't know if the whole show was three minutes or this is just a part of it. There's also a blog, but the posts don't tell us anything about Sven, his site, or how he finds his men.

Are there any issues? Well, yes - there are several. Sven Gays Naked's content is homemade so there are a number of quirks like some small videos that don't enlarge well and some short sessions from 35 seconds to three minutes each, although some have play times in the eight to 11 minute range as well. I don't know how often the site updates because the site calendar only shows previous site activity and don't carry traditional dates; the four latest videos are listed as "2 days ago," "1 week ago," "4 weeks ago," and "1 month ago."

The calendar is a mystery as it only shows past updates, and when I checked it out today, it showed only July 27 through July 27. I'd like to see future updates on the calendar instead of past updates, as well. It also might be a good idea to restrict the video player's size so that those on larger monitors might see the videos smaller but they would be higher quality. It doesn't make sense not to allow for picture downloads, and it would be a plus if members could save the videos as well. Once last thing is that the site has two two-day trial memberships, and there's no mention in the site terms of whether the trials are limited (I'd guess not).

The site owner, Sven, is pretty responsive. After reading our review, he made some improvements. Videos are now downloadable, and picture sets can be saved in zip files, although you still can't download individual photos. He also added a date for the next up-and-coming live show, which is due in three days.

Sven Gays Naked is a true amateur site featuring a well-hung British man in his late forties who enjoys showing off for the camera. It seems that the site has just opened in June 2017, so it's just beginning to grow and find its feet. Sven himself is enthusiastic and he's packing a big, uncut cock and puts on a good show. There are now 25 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles plus 16 picture sets, and while updates are irregular, the site is updating, and let's not forget the up-and-coming live shows. We'll keep watching this one to see how it progresses, but if you like homemade video you'll want to take a look.

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