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Super Chubs is a unique site that is part porn site and part profile site. It's free to sign up, and although there are limitations to the free accounts, there's still plenty to enjoy. The site caters solely to bigger men and their fans, and there's quite a bit to talk about so let's get started.

There are 5,028 men from all over the world on Super Chubs, and they come in all shapes and sizes from skinny chubby chasers to huge men with giant bellies and everything in between. And you'll find all different ages, both hairy and smooth guys, men with facial hair or those who are clean-shaven, and all sorts of cocks - big dicks, small ones and everything in between.

Super Chubs makes it pretty easy to find men on the site. The site uses geo-IP tracking so it knew that I was in Toronto, and when I clicked the "nearby" button on the search page, it presented me with men close to me. You can also search through a "new" section as well as city and country pages where you can specify locations. There's also a custom search allowing you to hunt for men by a number of criteria that you turn on or off, so I could easily search for men weighing 285 pounds or more with uncut cocks.

Each profile can display a variety of information from age, height, weight, location, relationship status, turn-ons, sexual preferences and positions, and several other attributes or interests. But there's no requirement to provide any detailed information, so some guys just have a nickname and location while others are generous with their personal information. A man can upload his own pictures and those appear on his profile page, but any photos in other profiles that he's faved will also show up on his page. You can follow these guys, and they can follow you, and those also appear on a man's profile page. And you can send guys messages as well.

If you're not in the mood to look at profiles and cruise, you can just look through the galleries. The pictures are organized in 42 different categories from bears, chaser, feet, butts, cocks, super chub or voyeur to name a few. There are thousands of pictures, but I don't know exactly how many. The tour says there are 82,848 pictures on one page, then 97,405 on another, and I counted 149,138 spread across their 42 categories, but I suspect pictures have been assigned to more than one category. These are user-submitted pictures, so they come in a variety of sizes and quality. You can view each picture in a pop-up viewer and download them individually if you like.

There are also 439 user-submitted videos, but I can't tell you anything about them because you need to be a full (paid) member to view them.

Enjoying the content is a bit complicated. Viewing picture thumbnails is free, but seeing an enlarged picture will cost you 2 credits. When you sign up for a Super Chubs profile, you're automatically given 25 credits. You can earn more credits by uploading pictures or videos to your profile. (But uploading content that doesn't belong to you will get you banned.) You can use a personal referral link to refer other men to the site and this earns you more credits. So viewing an image costs you two credits, but you can earn one back if you vote on the image. If it's all too complicated for you, you can just join the site for $18 per month.

Non-members cannot watch videos, so being able to watch vids is the big benefit of the monthly memberships. It also allows you unlimited viewing of pictures without messing around with credits. Included for paying members is an advanced image search, a hands-free viewer, and paid membership allows you to access the site on your mobile device.

The only thing that I didn't really like about Super Chubs is the complicated set-up with using and gaining credits. For me, buying a membership is a no brainer: how many profile sites are there out there for big men? And honestly, is it worth jumping through so many hoops just to save $18 a month? I have better things to do with my time, like meeting and talking to all kind of sexy huge men. But for those who want access to all the features without having to pay, the credit system could be pretty handy.

I like Super Chubs a lot. If you're a bigger man or a chaser, you couldn't ask for a better place. This site is part profile site and part porn site where every click brings you more of the kind of men who really turn you on. You can look through the galleries or search for friends and fuck buddies. The profile pages are neatly organized and can give you a lot to look at if the page owner has completed his profile. And I found that lots of the men did and uploaded lots of pictures too, so I guess earning credits for uploading pics does pay off. Super Chubs keeps it simple and doesn't bog you down with oinks, waves, pokes, winks or kisses. If you like a man just send him a message. The site doesn't cost anything to join - getting a profile is free - so if you're into bigger men, it's definitely worth spending some time here.

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