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There's something extra sexy about a man in a suit. You're never quite sure what his body is like under all those layers. Men look authoritative and confident wearing a good suit and tie, and fucking a boss, co-worker or a client is generally frowned upon, which makes doing so all the hotter. Suit Sex films in New York City and brings us sexy executives sucking and fucking or jerking off in their suits. It's been a few of years since we visited this site, so it's time to take another look inside.

The Suit Sex models are largely Latin and fall between their mid-twenties to early thirties. The suits themselves are pretty nice; we're not talking about guys thrown into a cheap shirt and tie. These guys look like high-powered executives just home from the office and ready to fuck away the day's stress. When they start shedding their suits and ties - and they often don't ever strip them off completely - they're wearing sheer, black dress socks. Many of these men are packing uncut cocks, so foreskin fans are going to love them. And the men here are mostly hunks with athletic, well-defined to nicely muscled bodies.

The action takes place in home settings - mostly on a couch or a couple of lounge chairs, but some of the guys fuck on a dining room table or in a bed. What is lacking is any real office sex. Most of the action is oral and anal with a few solo jerk-off sessions, most notably the recent updates. As the guys come together in the hardcore sessions, they spend time kissing; loosening ties, buttoning shirts and unzipping pants; then they get into cock sucking, rimming, fucking, jerking their cocks together and shooting their loads. And like I said, the scenes almost always feature at least one of the guys still partially clad in his executive attire.

There are 91 exclusive streaming videos in the Suit Sex Theater and another 52 in the Video Archive, but only 76 of the videos played for us, and the site has not updated since 2013. The newer vids are offered in QuickTime and Flash formats; the new Flash videos are sized at about 1024x574, the not-as-new at 720x480. Both are fair to good amateur quality and play fine, but I was unable to get the QuickTime videos of any age to stream and another reviewer ran into the same problem. The 15 oldest videos n the Suit Sex Theater are not offered in Flash but in WMV format, and neither of us were able to play these either. We were, disappointingly, also unable to get any of the videos in the Archive to play.

Suit Sex also offers 224 picture sets featured in a separate photo section. These are mostly fair to good amateur quality digital stills sized at between 480x640 and 1944x2592. There are also a handful of galleries in the Wet section which has men in business attire getting wet in pools and showers. Most of the episodes are broken into two galleries. There are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, and although you can save individual pictures, the site terms say this is prohibited. While image quality is generally decent, sometimes you'll run across some pics that could be sharper.

Let's take a look at the downsides. First, the site doesn't update and hasn't for over two years. Next, only the streaming Flash videos played for me or for another GayDemon reviewer, and only 76 of the videos are offered in Flash. The site terms state that "excessive downloads" will cause members to be suspended for 24 hours, but there's no bandwidth limit given. The point could be moot since the site doesn't offer downloadable video but perhaps they keep track of bandwidth usage when streaming. Also there's a pop-up when you hit your back button from the billing page, and I was disappointed that the videos aren't offered for download, and found navigation clunky.

While there is sound in the videos in the Suit Sex Theater, the men often speak Spanish and there are no subtitles. Suit Sex seems to have purchased one music loop that is featured in most of the scenes, so I found myself thinking "there's that music again" while watching the videos. In our previous visit a few years, ago, we found that the oldest videos (the ones in the archive) have no sound, which was disappointing, and that they're only 320x240; we couldn't play the videos this time around, but in case you are able to watch them, now you know.

Suit Sex features men in suits men stripping out of their executive clothing and having passionate and sometimes playful sex or stroking their cocks after a hard day at the office. This site gets a bit of a mixed review from me, however. I loved the Latin men, their uncut cocks and sexy business attire, but the lack of updates as well as the inability to play the the QuickTime or WMV videos (which means any of the oldest vids) and the lack of downloadable video were definite disappointments. On the other hand, the 76 Flash videos play smoothly, and this is an amateur site that was obviously a labor of love produced by someone who really gets off on seeing men in suits fucking or masturbating. While it doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles, and there are some definite issues, the content is hot enough that I still recommend that suit lovers or those into Latin men with uncut cocks give Suit Sex a visit.

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