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Studs Fun focuses on guys dressed as girls having sex with horny guys - or other guys dressed as girls. They are a mix of twinks and average guys in their twenties plus a few daddies, and the performers seem to be perhaps Central or Eastern European, but the site doesn't specify. The twinkier guys and the cross dressers are usually smooth and slim, although they often have unshaven pubes and hairy asses. Since the performers here are European, you can expect plenty of uncut cocks.

Most of the action here is kissing, guys sucking cock, and fucking. There are some threesomes, often where two of the three guys are wearing women's wigs and lingerie, and I found some ass fingering and penetration by small to average sized dildos and vibrators. I ran into a solo session, but most of the scenes are hardcore. There are a couple outdoor scenes, but most take part in apartments or perhaps hotel rooms. In some scenes, the non-cross dressing guy acts shocked that the "girlfriend" he's boning isn't actually a girl, but this is strictly for form's sake, as these aren't guys who could pass for actual babes.

While the site focuses on the fact that they offer guys dressed as girls (often referred to in the video titles as "Girlfriends"), often the guys who are dressed as girls don't seem to be so much transsexuals or cross dressers as guys who were told to put on wigs and sexy women's clothes by the director. In fact, once the action gets going sometimes all the clothes come off and we're left with two twinks or average guys having gay sex, and I'm fine with that.

Studs Fun offers 106 video updates, but many of these are actually only parts of full scenes that were broken into multiple updates, and each of these is offered on a page of several clips. The newest videos are offered in WMV format and sized at 400x304 at good amateur to very good amateur quality while the older videos are AVIs sized at up to 720x480 at average to good amateur quality. While the quality was better than I expected, due to the small size of the videos, you can expect to lose a noticeable amount of quality if you enlarge them to full screen. Sound is decent, but the dialog isn't in English and there are no subtitles. There are no mobile or streaming videos available.

Before we get to the pictures and extras, let's talk about updates. We first reviewed this site over eight years ago, and in that time, it's added 80 video updates. Considering that each update is only part of a scene, the site has added a max of 25 videos in over eight years, and judging by the size and presentation, I'm going to guess that the site stopped adding new content years ago, but I could be wrong. The updates page shows 18 updates, all added on the same day, which shows tomorrow's date, but I suspect that's just a script showing fresh dates for existing content.

Studs Fun also offers 74 picture sets. As with the videos, each pic set is actually only part of a full session. The photos themselves are digital stills sized at 1024x768, the newer at good amateur quality and the older not bad but sometimes a bit grainy. Each gallery can be viewed as a hands-free slideshow or you can navigate from picture to picture using the arrow buttons above the pics; you can also download each set in a zip file or save individual picture to your hard drive.

Studs Fun members get access to some bonuses, but there are some bloopers here as well. There's a seemingly large collection of stories that are cross dresser and TS themed, but as with the pic sets and videos, many stories are only parts of longer stories. And then there's the Bonus page.

The first site listed on the bonus page is actually a live cam site and the site linked to the female models instead of the males. Next is a listing that says it offers "138 Free sites," but this is actually on an expired domain. The third listing is for another of the same company's sites which you must join to access. And finally we get to the actual bonus sites. There are ten of these in a variety of gay and CD niches; you'll find some impressively hung black studs, sex on a bus and cowboy sex plus more horny Euro guys, and all of the sites appear somewhat old school and probably haven't updated since the 2010s began.

Studs Fun is a puzzling site. There are the obvious issues: the site doesn't update, the videos are on the small side, many updates are only parts of full scenes, and that each update is only offered as one- to three-minute clips. Then there's the site's entire niche, which doesn't match the site name at all. The "girls" in the videos are guys who are cross dressing, and most wouldn't be able to pass as women, yet the site's theme is that they can. And most don't seem like they're really cross dressers so much as guys who were told to wear lingerie for the videos. There are the upsells on the bonus page and the non-working bonus site. And many links open in new pages - I just had to close four more windows again.

Studs Fun may appeal to some people who, despite the confused content and odd navigation, may like watching horny Euro twinks dressed in sexy women's clothes sucking cock and getting fucked. The site has 106 downloadable videos, but many of these are only parts of full scenes, only offered in clips and aren't offered to stream or for mobiles, and there are pic sets, too. While the site offers current update dates (they're actually dated tomorrow), it's highly unlikely that any updates are actually being added. But there's also the story collection and bonus sites that add some value for Studs Fun members.

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