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Studio Lads is a new site out of the UK that features uncut, male models with natural body hair. Apparently it was previously called xyChrome, so it's not completely new, but I know nothing about the old site. Studio Lads is dedicated to erotic male photography and uses full-frame camera equipment with images available in ultra high definition. We're getting our first look inside, so why not join us?

The guys on Studio Lads are British and appear to be regular amateur guys, not porn models. There are currently 12 guys on the site and they range from 18 to 27 years of age. Dylan Stennett is one of the 19 year-olds, and he's sporting a slim, smooth body and weights 47 kg; he's average looking with slicked back blond hair. Carl Radclyffe is one of the older models; he's 26 and he's got an athletic body with some nice definition and weighs in at 98 kg, and he's very good looking. Ashley Hayes is also one of the older guys. At 27 years of age, he's slim, too, weighing 50 kilos, but he's sporting a patch of ginger hair on his chest and belly. Hugh Kirkland is an 18-year-old who has a bit of a chubby body, he's smooth with hairy legs.

So there you have it, a bit of everything – slim guys, others with average or chubby bodies, and still others with nicely fit or athletic bodies, even a bit muscular. The site says upfront that the guys are uncut and this is mostly the case. One of the twelve guys, East African Yared Bayu is the only cut guy in the bunch. He's also the only black guy on the site; the rest are Caucasian. Each model has a detailed description about him along with various stats - age, height, waist size, weight, eye color, circumcised or not, and whether he's wearing any tattoos.

The guys start off wearing jeans, track pants or a pair of shorts with a t-shirt, then they strip down to their underwear or jockstrap and many also change into a swim suit, so there's a nice variety of clothing.

Studio Lads is a photo-only site with a twist. Each model has anywhere from 200 to 300+ pictures featuring him both clothed and fully nude. Also, the guys jerk off so there are both flaccid and fully erect penis pics as well as the cumshots. The pics are arranged in one large thumbnail gallery with both portrait and landscape pics and you click each one to enlarge them. There's no hands-free slideshows, but there are forward and back controls so you can continue moving easily through the set. You can save any pictures individually or you can download one of four different zip files. The pictures come in four different sizes – 481x720, 721x1080, 1080x1440 and 1442x2160 – and each size is offered in its own zip file.

I mentioned a twist. Each model also has a series of six to 11 animated GIFS that feature him standing in the frame and he slowly transitions from clothed to underwear, then from soft cock to hard, and some include a cumshot. Some pics start off with the guy fully clothed; in others they start in underwear, and still others the guy is fully nude with a soft cock and we watch as he pops a boner. These can be downloaded in zip files where you can choose between the animated GIFs and MP4s of the same animations. Some of the models also have composite pictures that are made up of four shots of the guy in similar poses, so sitting with his legs spread and arms folded starting off clothed, then in his underwear, next he's nude, and finally he has a hard-on.

The site says that they update at least once a month. Starting in 2018 they have stuck to their monthly update commitment, and the updates before that were probably added before the site launched. And while I'd love to see weekly updates, it's hard to complain considering the low monthly price (the monthly membership recurs at $6 per month).

Are there any issues with the site? The biggest issue is that the site is small, and while  the design isn't as modern or sophisticated as I'd like to see for this site, it is intuitive and easy to use. And of course, those looking for videos aren't going to find them here. One last thing I wanted to mention is that the zip files for the galleries and the animations are below the thumbnail galleries, which means you have to scroll through a LOT of thumbs to get to them. It might make more sense to have the zips and maybe the animation galleries at the top of the pages.

I did like the guys at Studio Lads - they're a nice cross section of different ages, types and physiques. And I love uncut cock, so all of those uncircumcised British guys got me excited. This is an uncomplicated site with large pictures galleries and good descriptions of the guys, not to mention once a month updates and a nice low monthly price. And the animated and composite photos provide us with something a little different. If you love amateur British guys and erotic photography, Studio Lads is definitely worth a visit.

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