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Studmall bills itself as "The gay DVD outlet store" and it's a site where you can purchase DVDs and download a few of them to your computer. You'll find a selection of studios there like Cocky Boys, Butch Dixon, UK Naked Men, Channel 1 Releasing, Euro Creme, Jet Set Men, and Staxus. But missing are the big boys: Falcon, Titan Men, Hot House, Raging Stallion Studios, and my personal favorite, Treasure Island Media. But Studmall did introduce me to some studios that I had never heard of, too, like Bareback Inc, which has over 40 DVDs, and eBoys Studio, which also has a huge collection of videos.

Studmall has a slick design and is easy to use. The first thing I liked about the site is their Wish List feature that allows you to tag items you like for future consideration. You have to have an account with them, but that's as simple of creating a username, password and e-mail address.

Once you've set up an account, you can go on your merry way searching for and bookmarking DVDs among the site's 50 studios or 13 pre-defined categories like bareback, hairy men, jocks, twinks, or skaters and punks. On each DVD's detail page, you'll see the box cover, title and pricing information; there's a place for a description, a related DVDs section and sometimes a picture gallery. It's the standard stuff you'd expect from an online store selling DVDs. However where Studmall really loses me is that some DVDs have descriptions, but most don't; most don't have any pictures in their galleries; and there's no cast listing. So I'm pretty much left looking at a DVDs front and back cover and trying to decide if this is something that I want to buy.

Studmall has a feature where you can "Ask a question about this product" which pops up a window where you enter your contact information and ask your question. I did so as a test to see how long it would take to get a response, and someone replied to me within a couple of hours, while I was still working on this review, and that was on a Saturday. So I'd say their responsiveness and support is pretty good.

The site's search engine isn't as useful as it could be. I entered "foreskin" and got only one result. But Studmall has the complete line of Butch Dixon and UK Naked Men DVDs, and most of their men are uncut, yet their DVDs weren't showing up in my "foreskin" search. The simple answer is that Studmall's search engine returns results based on the written description of each DVD, so obviously "foreskin" was only mentioned in one DVD's description. When I typed in "uncut", I did get more results.

I felt comfortable at Studmall, felt they were trustworthy, and the site was easy to use. Studmall's pricing seems in line with everyone else's; they had a good selection of $9.99 DVDs, and if you sign up for their newsletter, they say they'll send you mailers containing special offers and discounted prices. But Studmall feels like they're still growing into their "gay DVD outlet store" moniker. They have a lot of great features, but they're just not populated. Some of the DVDs are available to download immediately to your computer, but most don't offer this. And some DVDs have a "Watch Now" feature that takes you to a Studmall Pay-Per-View (PPV) option, which allows you to buy time and watch movies online, but again, not all of the DVDs have this option either.

If you know that you want to buy a certain DVD, Studmall seems like a pretty good site to use. But if you're just hunting around to see if something catches your eye, in most cases you're going to be left staring at a DVD's box cover, and for me, that's not enough.

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