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Stud Footage is a new site that we found that's a part of a 49-site network with three gay sites. There are lots of hot muscled bodies on the tour and a promise for high-quality and full length videos, we decided to check this one out.

A look inside the member area reveals that these videos are non-exclusive productions taken from DVDs, so there's a bit of variety when it comes the men. The guys on Stud Footage are largely Euro muscle studs, guys with rock-hard bodies and quite a bit of the action is threeways or small groups of four, five, or six guys. There are a handful of scenes with black men, a few quite big and muscular and there's also a few outdoor sex scenes. When there is dialogue, they've provided subtitles.

There are 70 videos provided for download in MP4 format and displayed at 720x480; picture quality ranges from below average to good. You can also stream the videos in three sizes: 720x480, 1280x720, and 1920x1080. The largest of these didn't completely fit in my 24-inch monitor and I found the picture quality was quite fuzzy, even the medium-sized version wasn't the best. I was quite happy with what this site calls the "small" version, which is the standard size that many other sites use. The downloads were a bit slow, but the streaming video played smoothly and I could jump back and forth in the time line easily with no buffering. There are no picture galleries on this site.

Let's talk about updates. Stud Footage has six "coming soon" videos listed that are dated four days apart, the last two have a six-day gap; but none of the published videos are dated, so I have no way of confirming this update schedule. Also when we re-visited the site, there were different videos listed on the first page, but the site still had the same number of videos, so they seem to rotate out a video each time they add a new one.

Your Stud Footage membership gives you access to two other gay sites: Hard BFs, which is amateur guys jacking off, and Twink Beginners, which has quite a few younger guys in their early twenties, but also features a lot of guys who really should be over in the Stud Footage section. You'll get another 54 videos in Hard BFs and 83 videos in Twink Beginners. And members also get access to 47 straight porn sites.

There are a few issues with Stud Footage. First and foremost, their tour states: "Stop jerking off to short blurry samples when I offer you hours of high-quality, full-length videos for way less than $1 a day". I simply didn't find that the video quality was high; it's average at best and many of the videos, even at the smallest size lacked crispness, and I really couldn't see enjoying them in the two larger sizes. There's also a pre-checked offer on the join page that signs you up for a straight porn site.

As mentioned, the site seems to remove a video when it adds one, which means that the video section will continue to have 70 videos even if members do get different videos to watch. One last thing I didn't care for was the inaccurate video descriptions: a twink does not weight 190 pounds with rolling muscles. I sometimes see this kind of descriptions in gay sites thrown up by straight companies.

Stud Footage really didn't impress me at all. I hate dumping on a site because I know that someone put a lot of work into creating this site, but honestly, there are better sites out there offering non-exclusive DVD content. With 70 videos in Stud Footage and another 137 videos in the two bonus sites, there's definitely enough to watch for the duration of your monthly membership, but since videos are removed when new vids are added, the site doesn't grow, so there's not a lot of reason to stick around. Stud Footage is a part of a larger 47-site straight mega site that really looks like some marketing guy said, "Hey, we should buy some gay DVDs and throw up a site".

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