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Stud Feet puts the focus on male feet. There are all sorts of men here from smooth and slender to beefy and muscular, including plenty of amateur guys, straight guys, college students, rough tattooed types and wrestlers, all showing off their socked and bare feet. There's all sorts of action including foot worship (lots of tongue action and toe sucking), tickling, footjobs, foot massages, masturbation and a wide and creative variety of foot play. And then there are the feet themselves - big feet, dirty feet, smooth feet, strong feet. The content here is exclusive, as are many of the models, and appears to have been shot by someone who really knows his way around feet.

You'll find fully nude men showing off their cocks and feet, non-nude foot play featuring guys in jeans peeling off their sweaty socks, models who can't wait to suck and lick each others' soles and toes. I watched guys flex and stroke their feet, wiggle their toes for the camera, and generally enjoy themselves where Jason is a solo who keeps his clothes on and strips his shoes and socks off to display his bare feet. Some of the models talked to the camera, and each video was different, depending on the guy's personality. One of them was aggressive, talking to the camera about shoving his feet in someone's mouth, while others do brief interviews with the director or quietly strip off their shoes and socks.

Stud Feet offers 388 exclusive videos in streaming Flash. The newer videos are sized at 578x320 at good quality, the older at 578x430 at good amateur quality. The newer vids enlarge pretty well, losing only a little sharpness, but they don't quite go full screen; the older vids go full screen but lose a little more sharpness, although they're still quite watchable. Each video is broken into four parts that are presented on the same page, but isn't available as a single full scene nor are the vids available for download.

There are also 387 picture sets. The newer pics are sized at 640x480 at good quality, the oldest at 480x360 at average quality or a bit better. All the pictures are horizontal, so they're probably screencaps, but the newest could easily pass for digital stills. There are no downloadable zip files or slideshows, and the pics cannot be right-clicked and saved, either. You can navigate from pic to pic by clicking on the right or left side of each photo. Each set has from 40 to over 60 pics.

Something I liked was the descriptions of the videos and photo sets. They give a good idea of what to expect, not always about action, but the feel of the shoots and what the models are like. The descriptions also include most of the models' shoe size, and whether their feet are wide, narrow, smooth, sweaty - you get the idea. And the newer descriptions describe the action, too.

While the only updates listed with dates are the photo sets, each pic set is shot with a video. Even so, since all but one of the picture sets corresponds to one of the videos, and based on the amount the site has grown since our last visit, it's a safe bet that Stud Feet updates once a week.

Now let's talk about issues. First off is a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second recurring site membership when you join Stud Feet. It's easy to uncheck, however. Next, while not an issue exactly, I really wish each video could also be viewed as a full scene rather than just being offered in four parts, and I be happier if the vids were downloadable. The site doesn't allow right-clicking, either, and that's a problem for those who might have wanted to download some of the pictures. Last, it's worth mentioning again that not all updates include nudity.

Stud Feet delivers a nice selection of amateur and not-so-amateur men in hot, well-shot foot fetish content. You'll find solo guys stripping off sweaty socks and playing with their feet, as well as duos that may include tickling, toe sucking, sneaker worship and foot play of all sorts. Some sessions are fully nude, and the guys may jerk off, while others show dressed guys showing off their feet. There are 388 exclusive streaming videos and the site updates every week. If you've got a taste for male feet in a mix of hardcore and non-nude foot action, Stud Feet is a site you'll want to check out.

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