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Strong Men focuses on well-built hunks and average guys who obviously work out at the gym showering, jerking off and using sex toys, as well as some suck and fuck sessions. The site offers a mix of exclusive and semi-exclusive content plus a good-sized collection of gay sex DVDs. It's been about two and a half years since we visited this site, so it's time to head over and see what's new.

The performers on Strong Men are largely guys in their twenties and thirties with nice bodies. Some of the performers are big, beefy bodybuilders, but most of the models on the site sport athletic, gym-built bodies or are the kind of men I'd call fit, although some of the more muscular guys also have a few extra pounds on them. The site also features a variety of DVD content where you'll find guys from all over the world: Eastern European, Latino and South American men, other European guys and Americans. There's a decent selection of black men, too. And foreskin fans will like the heaps uncut cocks.

Strong Men has a mix of content. There are some videos that are exclusive to the site, others are non-exclusive that I've seen on a couple of other sites, and there's a section with 363 DVD titles. The semi and exclusive videos have a high number of solo jack-off sessions, but there's some hardcore sex, as well - of the 12 most recent updates, three are behind-the-scenes videos, three are duos and six videos are solo action. The DVD section is where you're going to find lots of variety, not only in men but in the sex that's offered. You'll find lots of duo sucking and fucking, threeways, group sex and gangbangs, interracial sex, bareback and condom sex, indoor and outdoor sex. There's something for almost everyone, but I wouldn't say that all the guys in the DVD scenes are particularly well-built, although some are definitely hunky.

Strong Men offers 269 videos, and they're all now available in a single format - MP4. Most of the vids are sized at 1280x720 plus a lower quality version of the same size and a version sized at 640x360 for mobile users, although some are offered in standard def. You can also stream each video in a player sized at about 920x520. There are also links to stream the downloadable versions of the videos in your browser, but you'd be better off just saving them and playing them from your harddrive or streaming them in the player. While the videos here are mostly sharp and clear, because they're shot in average or slightly dim room lighting, they could often use a little more contrast and color saturation.

Strong Men also offers 106 picture sets, 41 more than there were on our last visit. These are good amateur quality digital stills sized at around 1066x1600, and these are a mix of solo and action galleries. Some of the sets really show off the guys and the sex well, with enough closeups and a variety of angles; other sets have very little difference in how close the camera gets to the models but are still decent pics. There are no slideshows or zip files, but the pictures can be saved individually.

It's hard to give a definitive update frequency for this site because sometimes the site updates once a week and other times twice a week. There were six videos added last month and six the month before. Four new videos were added so far this month; it's April 24, so there are six more days left for potential updates.

In addition to the pics and videos, Strong Men members get access to 363 gay DVDs. A number of these scenes are focused on muscle hunks, although some are just general porn The DVDs can be streamed or downloaded; the downloadable versions are available in WMV and MP4 format sized at 640x480 plus a smaller WMV. The MP4s should be small enough to play on most mobiles, and since each DVD has multiple scenes, the DVD section offers well over 1,200 full scenes. These are actually hosted by a third party but are displayed as if part of the site. A new DVD is currently being added once a month.

Then there are the extras. One of the bonus sites, Studport, offers 154 videos and over 5,000 picture galleries that for some reason they refer to as "Picture Sites". Next is GayHot, which offers over 3,000 short amateur jackoff clips and they add several more each week. Last is Ebony Men XXX, a small black and interracial site that offers 16 videos and - despite the current update dates - hasn't grown since our last visit.

There are some downsides to be aware of. First off, the updates listed on the right side of the member home page are mostly from the bonus sites, but the way they're shown makes it look like Strong Men has more updates than it does. There are two rows of animated thumbs near the bottom of the page that are actually ads for a live cam site, as is the Lve Guys link in the member menu. The member home page also has a large banner ad and then a banner made of tiny thumbs that link to a variety of facebook accounts, some completely unrelated to this site. The porn DVDs listed on Strong Men are the same ones listed inside Studport. Some of the guys in the exclusive videos don't seem particularly strong. And last, I do wish the videos' color didn't look slightly washed out.

Strong Men delivers a mix of muscle hunks, well-built porn stars and average guys with some muscle development in solo masturbation and hardcore gay action. The site offers 269 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobiles, and adds either one or two updates each week, adding up to six new vids per month. There are also the 363 full DVDs, one new multi-scene title added per month, and there are also 106 photo sets. Members also get access to three bonus sites including plenty of short amateur clips and more downloadable videos. While the site is a little heavy on ads and navigation could be a little better, Strong Men delivers what their tour shows - plenty of horny, well-built men jerking off or sometimes sucking cock and fucking plus gay porn from 350+ DVDs.

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