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Straight Rent Boys started out as a site where straight guys could learn how to service men so they could make money as escorts and rent boys. Unlike a lot of jobs, there's no escorting school, no certificate you can earn - would be a fun course to take, though - so this site was like on-the-job training. When we first reviewed this site last year it was brand new and only had 14 videos, so we're heading off to see how things have progressed.

The guys on Straight Rent Boys are in their early twenties with slender or athletic bodies, most are smooth, and many really never had sex with a guy before. Generally speaking each guy who comes to film for the site is supposed to do a solo jack-off video; but the producer tries to get them into guy-on-guy action as quickly as possible by offering them more money. And if the guy's willing, the solo becomes a duo. These guys learn quickly that when it comes to filming porn, gay pays the guys better - girls in straight porn make four and fives times more than the guys do. So there's financial incentive for these guys to get down on their knees.

The site seems to have lost track of their theme of tutoring straight guys on how to service men. In their earlier scenes, they were working hard to keep the theme genuine, but later scenes are largely straight guys who need some cash and find themselves having gay sex on the Straight Rent Boys futon or solo guys jerk off. Some of these guys say they want to get into porn or escorting, some are just broke and need some fast money. That's neither here nor there for me, if you like watching straight guys having their first guy-on-guy sexual experiences or jerk off on camera, this site has plenty of those types of scenes.

Straight Rent Boys has grown since our last review and now offers 183 exclusive videos in both streaming and downloadable formats, but updates have slowed dramatically - there has only been one update this month and one last month. The newer videos can be downloaded in three sizes of MP4, the largest shown at 1280x720 and the smallest aimed at mobile users. These are good amateur quality full scenes and sound is pretty good. Some of the not-quite-as-new vids are offered in two sizes of MP4, and the older videos are offered in two sizes of WMVs, the larger sized at 1280x720 and quality a little less sharp and clear than the newer videos, plus there's a mobile version, as well. All videos are DRM-free and are also available to stream.

Most episodes come with two galleries of photos - one set of digital stills (some broken into several parts) and the other a set of screencaps. The digital stills are fairly good quality and display at either 1000x1333 or 1125x1500; sometimes the lighting could be better, but overall they're pretty good. You can view the pictures online in galleries or sit back and watch the hands-free slideshow - or you can download a zip file. Each scene also includes a decent quality set of screencaps on the page with the video.

Straight Rent Boys members get access to eight bonus sites from the same network: SD Boy, Boyz from Prague, and Harlem Boyz plus five Asian-themed sites. There are also some bonus videos and a third-party video plugin offering full streaming DVDs. There's also a forum where you can talk with other members or make suggestions on scene ideas, although the forum isn't very busy.

One thing I didn't really like about Straight Rent Boys is that the producer can at times drone on with his questions at the beginning of the video. And every once in a while his partner will also chime in with a comment. But once the action starts, the producer and his partner shut up.

The site does have a couple issues worth mentioning. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the join page that will sign you up for a membership to a second site if left checked - luckily it's easy enough to untick. Also trial members get access only to the site's 6 latest updates, so if you want to be able to watch all the videos, you'll want to go with a full membership. A couple things already mentioned is that the newer videos don't all stick to the theme of the site, and there's only one update per month right now, although the bonus sites add additional new content.

Straight Rent Boys doesn't always live up their tagline "straight male escorts paid to have gay sex". The site may have started off that way, but that isn't really the theme anymore. Still, if you enjoy watching straight guys coaxed into having gay sex for more and more Benjamins, or guys jerking off on camera, Straight Rent Boys is pretty good. And even better is that most of these guys have never been filmed, so you can expect to see lots of amateurs. The guys aren't your normal pretty boys of gay porn, they're just guys who need a few bucks and they use their tools to make some cash. While the updates have slowed to one per month, Straight Rent Boys is a decent site with plenty of content (183 videos and 212 pic sets) and no real big issues.

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