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The site name makes it rather clear what Straight Muscle Guys is all about - the tour is packed to the brim with hot straight muscle men. Some of the guys are big and buff while others are tone and athletic and well-built. The tour offers a look at the latest updates and seems to spread its attention between getting potential members to join, selling them DVDs and sending them to their live site to see the show. Since I love muscle videos, let's log in and see what the member area of Straight Muscle Guys has to offer.

The member's area looks a bit on the amateur side, but it seems to fit in well with the overall theme. The top has your standard navigation, while right underneath are special announcements. When you wander down lower, you see the latest updates. They seem to be on a pretty steady weekly update schedule, along with letting you know right off the bat that they have scheduled live muscle shows - although it turns out the live shows are at a different site and if you want action or to go one-on-one, the live shows cost extra.

There are 77 videos in total at Straight Muscle Guys. The video pages are set up pretty simply - you have the big preview thumb, flash clip listings, and then Quicktime clips off to the side of the massive thumb. They are 640x480 and 800k, with amateur to good amateur quality. One odd thing with a few of the videos is that they are in a letter box (kind of like theater movies) so you actually end up with a 640x360 video. They are in clips only, which isn't too bad with the Quicktimes but the Flashe vids end up with quite a few clips. The older videos don't have the QT option at all. These are all streaming, with no downloads, and the videos are watchable in clips.

Now it's off to the galleries - there are 82 photo galleries, which is an average of three galleries per model. Most of the models have a quick Q&A that covers some fascinating tidbits into their muscular lives. The pic sets are mostly just stripteases, and one of my favorites happens to be of Mr. Lats, mostly because he combines cock and football. I do believe that is a perfect match. The sets are on the smaller side, around 20 to 30 photos per set, with photos opening up in a lightbox at 46x700. Right click is disabled so there is no way to save any of the photos.

Straight Muscle Guys has some extras for members, too. The most interesting of the bunch are their auctions - admittedly this is not a free extra, but you can buy jocks and briefs from the guys. There is also a xxx DVD up of one of the models. For standard extras, there's a forum and members can watch scheduled live shows (which sadly cost extra, but are using their own models).

The only real issue I had here is that the live show, which is advertised as if it were part of the member area, is actually in another site. While you can take part in free chat with the models, it requres further payment for one-on-one or any action.

Straight Muscle Guys delivers exclusive content, muscle men ranging from athletic to bodybuilders and a forum. The 77 videos are well-shot, as the photographer has an eye for the best angles to capture plenty of muscle. I would have preferred that the videos and photos to be downloadable, along with extended Q&A sessions for the models, but overall I was happy with the site. Updates happen about once a week, although they might be a couple days early or late, and the recurring price is reasonable. The bottom line - if you love bodybuilders and muscle hunks, Straight Muscle Guys is definitely worth checking out!

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