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Straight Men XXX is a re-branding of an older site called Straight Rent Boys, a site that featured straight guys learning how to service men so they could make money as gay escorts. The rebooted site now also features twenty-something guys - straight, gay, bi, and gay for pay - jerking their dicks in solos or sucking and fucking in duos, threeways and small groups. Since Straight Men XXX just launched in the past couple of weeks, let's check it out and see what's new and different.

The guys are in their twenties (a couple could be in their thirties) with slender or athletic bodies; most are smooth, but you'll find the odd guy with a bit of chest hair or face scruff. You'll find guys with tattoos but many more without them. And the performers are mostly white, but there are some black and Latin guys as well; the performers are a cross section of average to good looking. And the guys are supposed to be amateurs or first-timers, but I did see a few regular porn performers in the mix.

Nick Kush is a 19-year-old straight guy who says he's never had sex with a guy. He did a jerk-off video at Straight Men XXX - he's packing a big, juicy, uncut dick - and then a month later he got his first blowjob from a guy. A month after that, he got blown again, but this time his cocksucker wanted to teach Nick how to give head, and Nick took his tutorial seriously. And the following month, Nick fucked his first guy, but he left before the site asked him to bottom - or maybe he left because they asked him to get fucked.

And that's the general format of the site: a new guy starts off jerking his dick, then proceeds through various types of guy-on-guy sex. But many of the guys, like blond straight guy Chris Blake and handsome blue-eyed blond Preston, get their dicks sucked and take off before things go further. Who knows, maybe some can be convinced to return in the future.

The videos explore a couple of themes like guys learning how to suck dick so they can become escorts or gay guys hiring escorts and having sex with them on camera. But the site also explores straight guys having their first gay sex. Some of these guys say they want to get into porn or escorting, some are just broke and need some fast money. That's neither here nor there for me. If you like watching straight guys having their first guy-on-guy sexual experiences or jerk off on camera, you'll find both types of scenes here.

Straight Men XXX has 293 videos in both streaming and downloadable formats and they're updating weekly on Mondays, but more about that in a minute. The latest videos can be downloaded in two sizes of MP4: 640x360 (for mobiles, I'm guessing) and 1280x720, and this larger size comes in two qualities. These are good amateur quality or half scenes and sound is pretty good. The oldest videos are offered in two sizes of WMV (1280x720 and 720x406) and one MP4 (636x360) and the quality is a little less sharp. All videos are DRM-free and are also available to stream at around 1040x586 (some are a tad smaller) plus there's a full-screen option with varying results depending on the video's age.

Most videos come with a gallery of screencaps on the episode page, and most also have a set of digital stills; some are broken into several parts. The digital stills are fairly good quality and display at either 562x1000 or 1125x1500; sometimes the lighting could be better, but overall they're pretty good. You can view the pictures in galleries and use the hands-free slideshow, or you can download a zip file or save the pics individually.

Straight Men XXX members get access to five bonus sites from the same network: Backroom Fuckers, Daddy Raunch, SD Boy, Boyz from Prague, and Harlem Boyz. There are also 12 bonus DVDs from third-party video provider and one new DVD is swapped in every week.

One thing I didn't really like about Straight Men XXX is that the producer can at times drone on with his questions at the beginning of the video. And every once in a while his partner will also chime in with a comment. But once the action starts, the producer and his partner shut up. And one thing that drove me nuts is that browsing the various sections, like Videos or Photos, displays content for all six network sites, so I constantly had to reset the filter to only show Straight Men XXX.

The site does have a few other issues. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for a another membership if left checked, but it's easy enough to untick. Second, while the site is updating weekly, only one of these scenes per month is actually newly produced scene; the others are recycled from another site. Straight Men XXX tells me their goal is brand new content weekly, but that's not the case yet. Also, the site has a habit of splitting videos into two parts, so the first will have John fucking Mark and the second features Mark topping John. And in these cases, they treat each part as a separate update, releasing them days or weeks apart. Last, there's a pop-up on the tour, but it's easy enough to close.

Straight Men XXX is a work in progress with a mix of older and new content featuring lots of straight guys going gay for pay, and the older scenes feature an escort theme where guys are hired to get serviced by other guys. But the good news is that most of these guys have never been filmed, so you can expect to see lots of first-timers and amateurs. These aren't your normal pretty boys of gay porn, they're regular guys who need a few bucks and they use their tools to make some cash. Straight Men XXX is a decent site, and combined with the other five network sites, offers over 1,400 videos in total.

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